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XML-RPC Interface

We've built an XML-RPC interface for creating Quick Topic forums. It's already had successful use that shows the great interoperability of XML-RPC: Quick Topic is written in Perl and lives on a Linux box. Connected XML-RPC clients include one in San Francisco using VBScript on Windows NT, and another in Paris using Perl on Linux.

We'd like to work with anyone interested in an integration with Quick Topic. The end result would be easily adding QT-hosted single-topic discussion forums to your web-based application (such as a weblog) or email application (such as newsletter generation). We'll consider giving you your own dedicated discussion area, with an interface customized for your site, showing your logo and with a tailored feature set.

If your application is in Perl, we have the libraries necessary for XML-RPC all packaged and ready to go, compiled for Solaris and Linux (yes, there's one binary module), complete with a test script. Our Paris friend, a journalist, got his XML-RPC client working in an hour; it was just as easy for my San Fran friends.

Contact us.

XML-RPC is great stuff!

If you're not familiar with Quick Topic, feel free to try it out. You can create a new forum in 20 seconds.

-Steve Yost

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