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Our goal is to build a stronger community through neighbors sharing information and getting to know each other.

No ANONYMOUS posts allowed. Posts must include either your name or first name and location within Network 2424.

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Network 2424 Chat & Message Boards

Welcome to Network 2424's Message and Chat Boards

Our goal is to build a stronger community through neighbors sharing information and getting to know each other.

Whether you're new to the area or a life-long resident, these boards are a way to connect with neighbors. Please post your concerns, questions, problems, neighborhood alerts, and feedback. The primary board is "Network 2424 - Main Board." We've added some sub-boards, and, since this is a project in development, new sub-boards will be added as needed.

There are a few ground rules, including:
- No ANONYMOUS posts, you must a include a first name and last name OR, in lieu of last name, a location (north of Touhy, Winchester-Birchwood, etc.). Anonymous posts will be deleted.
- No posts in support or opposition of any political candidate.
- No rants or attacks on other posters.
- No solicitations (except in appropriate sub-boards).

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P.S. Evanston's 8th Ward also has a message board (8th Ward). Network 2424 shares many similar concerns with Evanston, including, unfortunately, criminals that cross back and forth. To address this concern, neighbors have started sharing info through a joint initiative called "Hands Across Howard."

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