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Keith Dawson
  Keith Dawson is an Internet consultant and writer who has been making sense out of technology for diverse audiences over a 30-year career. He's worked with networked computer technology and software for all of those years -- with the Internet for the last 12 -- as software developer, manager, marketer, writer, editor, and unelected pundit. In the early 70s he spearheaded what was possibly the world's first online documentation system for remote, networked computers. Dawson has been consulting at the intersection of the Web, internet, technology, business, and marketing for several years. Since 1994 he has written and published the award-winning email/web newsletter Tasty Bits from the Technology Front -- spotting trends before their time and alerting a growing worldwide readership to the bellwethers in computing and communications technology that will have an impact on the development of electronic commerce. Early last year Dawson was named 1999 Internet Journalist of the Year by Internet Freedom. The newsletter's home and archive, tbtf.com, is listed in the year 2000 Forbes Best of the Web.