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Teslar Watch: Tinfoil beanie for your wrist

Kirsty Stewart
01:09 PM ET (US)
The Teslar Chip was designed by Andrija Puharich and manufactured by Teslar Inside Corporation (Now known as Teslar Tech

This Teslar chip was present in pre 2008 Philip Stein Teslar watches but has been replaced by an entirely new module that is completely different to the old Teslar Chip. It remains to be seen whether the new module is effective as the chip designed by Andrija Puharich but many users have stated otherwise.

Life Technology have a small number of the original Philip Stein Teslar Bracelets in stock. Please contact us at
Teslar wearer
05:36 PM ET (US)

The watches have always worked for me and my partner. People are more sensitive than scientists give us credit for. What do they think we are, just some chalk on a blackboard??

I don't care who uses the Teslar watch, or who Phillip Stein is. I'm really sorry they made a fuss about them. Our watches cost less than 100 and you can still buy a kids watch in the USA for $69, adults are from $129 to 300.
03:37 PM ET (US)
I have not seen the claims that these watches deflect radiation.
What I have seen are claims that the chip helps sync the body to Schumann waves.
EMF's exist and Schumann waves exist. The Schumann waves being the natural frequency or wave would not interfere with a persons natural healing/rejuvenation -- and could/should aid in such. The artificial EMF's that we have made all over have had studies to prove their adverse affects to people.
Should this watch sync you as purported, seems to me this would be very beneficial and not merely "snake-oil."
Something to keep in mind: 1 in 2 Americans will develop cancer in their lives. As little as 55 years ago scientists and doctors would have thought you nuts, if you had told them that. Could the "environment" we've created have something to do with it?
Eli the BeardedPerson was signed in when posted
02:42 PM ET (US)
whomever wrote it deserves a raise for pithy wit

Whoever. Remember the Stalinist quote, "There are those
who do, and those to whom it is done." The author is a doer,
not a done-to.

And the byline says Katie Dean and gives this link for feedback:,2330,32,00.html
Justin MasonPerson was signed in when posted
01:21 PM ET (US)
It's noticeable that snake-oil sellers (including the Scientologists) like to claim that celebrities use these things. I wonder how much truth there is to that...

'Celebrities like Madonna, Sharon Osbourne and Barbara Walters are fans of the timepiece, People magazine reported.

Several players on the Oakland Raiders football team and a handful of elite track and field athletes training for the Olympics also wear the watch.

Randy Huntington, sports science coordinator for USA Track and Field, first saw an ad for the Philip Stein watch in SkyMall magazine on an airplane. The company donated a few watches, and Huntington and about 10 of his athletes now wear the watches.'

Ah. They were *given* to the celebs.

In other words, the vendor probably fedexed a package containing one of these watches to Madonna's agent in order to claim 'Madonna has one'!
Red Headed Ba*dPerson was signed in when posted
10:54 AM ET (US)
"These things may actually make the wearers feel better. Why ruin it for them by telling them it can't possibly work?"

For the evolutionary effect. If morons are made to feel better, they're more likely to reproduce more morons.

As it is, too few people today have a clue.
DeleonPerson was signed in when posted
09:38 AM ET (US)
damned nice looking watch, though.

Of course, for 600-2000 bucks, it'd better be.
SmoothPerson was signed in when posted
09:10 AM ET (US)
Never underestimate the placebo effect. These things may actually make the wearers feel better. Why ruin it for them by telling them it can't possibly work?

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