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Articulated cardboard robot PC case

Howard WenPerson was signed in when posted
07:05 PM ET (US)
I'm not sure exactly why, but a friend who was "academic" about anime (in particular, the whole cyber-anime category) once explained this to me -- something to do with the melding of man and machine as an ideal, to Japanese geek culture. For some reason, our pop culture (Western) is very obsessed with (fearful of) the idea of computer and artificial intelligence taking over humanity (i.e. The Matrix, The Terminator, etc.). But the Japanese are not. It's something that while they may not necessarily embrace, nor are they totally uncomfortable with, and this is illustrated in geek folk art (under which case-modding would fall).
Stefan JonesPerson was signed in when posted
01:52 AM ET (US)
Does it Transform into a truck shaped case?
erniePerson was signed in when posted
11:02 PM ET (US)
Yeah, I'm just not understanding the appeal of all these giant athropomorphic PC cases in Japan. I mean I'm all for big robots (made out of anything), indoors and out, but whats the thrill of cramming a logic board in it (or a mannequin)?

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