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Golden age Apple ad

Adam in PolandPerson was signed in when posted
07:54 AM ET (US)
I've seen more presentations ruined by Powerpoint *running fine* than I care to remember, grumble...
Pat YorkPerson was signed in when posted
02:23 AM ET (US)
It makes me smile to see the golly gee prose that goes along with this ad. I feel the same way. I remember VERY well when graphic design involved sharp blades and blue line paper and when cutting and pasting was just that. I used to watch my uncle put together advertisements for slick magazines by painstakingly gluing handwritten letter after handwritten letter onto a paper with blue hach marks to get exactly the font he wanted. Same with pictures.

When I think of how I used to put together a study sheets before Xerox machines and laser printers. It would take all week-end.

On the other hand, I'd go back to slide shows in a fast second. I've seen more programs ruined by Powerpoint problems than I care to remember. Just this last week-end a presenter was left standing with nothing when his computer presentation went south. At least with a slide projector you have a fighting chance to change the bulb!
bruceePerson was signed in when posted
01:04 AM ET (US)
Very impressed. I liked the chatty prose and the fact that the Quick Time didn't work (hey should I download a newer version ... seems like only yesterday ...). Can anybody spell MPEG? Or cross-platform? Once upon a time the best thing about a Mac, according to the zealots, was that it wasn't Unix. Now the best thing is that it is Unix, but in some late 80s identity crisis.

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