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Get Your Exx On

CraniacPerson was signed in when posted
04:41 PM ET (US)
 Someone tell me where to get cool 70s or 50s clipart!
MothrafuggerPerson was signed in when posted
06:51 PM ET (US)
Still there on this end.
IBLIS The UltravioletPerson was signed in when posted
05:08 PM ET (US)
Now the server's gone down though, dammit.

Either an awful lot of people were lusting to read this one, or Rees must've threatened Bush with a de-pantsing and the G shut him down. Or both.

iblis }()+
Jim TreacherPerson was signed in when posted
02:24 PM ET (US)
Well, I only put up the disclaimers on the strips where I borrowed the clip art Rees had already borrowed. Mainly a matter of etiquette. I just didn't want anybody thinking he wrote that stuff, and I'm sure he didn't either. The other strips are just random clip art.
Edited 08-10-2002 02:25 PM
MothrafuggerPerson was signed in when posted
01:54 PM ET (US)
Well, sheeit. Actually, I didn't see those disclaimers on many of your pages, Jim...but I went back to look more closely and did find some other pages where you're extremely clear. Sorry for making the hairs on your neck stand on end. I'll tell the men with truncheons to only beat you up a little.

As for not knowing David Rees, see earlier message about needing to get out more.ê
Edited 08-10-2002 01:57 PM
Jim TreacherPerson was signed in when posted
12:12 PM ET (US)
Whoa, whoa! No, I'm not the artist. I don't know who originally drew the '70s clip art that Rees uses, but it sure wasn't me. I borrowed a few of those office-drone-phone-heads and did a bunch of stuff with them, just as a gag. Kind of borrowing what he'd already borrowed. He was first, though, and I put up disclaimers on my "Get Your ______ On" pages to make sure people knew that.

You're right about Rall, though.
BorzoiPerson was signed in when posted
03:29 AM ET (US)
Actually the name of the fellow who does Get Your War On, My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable, etc. is David Rees....I found out about this guy the other week at the local comic book store....the hard copies of his work were being snapped right up, by me included.....
MothrafuggerPerson was signed in when posted
02:56 AM ET (US)
(I'm posting here too much -- need to get out more!)

I couldn't find the identity of the artist mentioned anywhere here on the pages. Is that good or bad? Dunno. But I do know the name of the actual artist -- Jim Treacher. See the link below. Or maybe he's just who the artist for these pages is copying slavishly. Hell, I dunno.

In any event, you can see more of this type of artwork, including non-war strips, here, for starters. Go up on the hierarchy for a whole bunch of it. (PS - He really doesn't like Ted Rall.)

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