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I will never do business with Expedia again

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12:04 AM ET (US)
Everyone give up on Expedia?? Haven't seen a post here in like forever!!
nathan customer
01:23 PM ET (US)
they changed our itinerary so they said we ARE eligible for a refund ($3500.00!!!) so they say we have to cancel by writing to air france, so we do. Air france says its canceled, call expedia to get your money. expedia says air france was supposed to give our money. Then expedia says it was never canceled with air france or expedia. and we are still waiting on our 1 hour long phone calls for days and days. its like having another job calling them everyday for hours and hours. DO NOT USE EXPEDIA!
01:30 AM ET (US)
If you don't wanna use Expedia, then don't. Simple as that. This is the first blog I've ever visited and dang! I guess blogs are for whiners that can no longer find anyone to whine to. As for the Expedia employees, if they don't wanna use Expedia, that's less work for you, right? So what are you complaining about?
EXPbadmanPerson was signed in when posted
09:03 AM ET (US)

It brings me to tears to think that e.piph... has the limited information they do.

Yes Expedia does hire outside locations to assist with their support calls. I have no problem stating this. This is actually common knowledge if you look up Expedia.

There were and are at least five persons entering information on this message board that I know are with Expedia and not another company. To be honest with you there are only two persons here "claiming" to be agents that I do not know. Also, TRX and People Support are considered Expedia as this is the only calls they take, so how is that bad.

The fact of the matter is that Expedia is by statistics the most widely used and popular online travel source on the net. Just because a hand full of people complain about Expedia does not make it bad.

If you have not worked for Expedia you can not know the pressure put on the agents because we can not do more than we are allowed. I do work for Expedia and will be there until they tell me they don't tell me to leave

As far as handle time. Expedia is not a stone-sold company in regards to it's employees. You do have time periods in which you need to improve on your stats and in my employ at Expedia I have only seen two (2) employees let go. This was because of their attendance. Expedia does not have the reputation of letting you go if you do not make the 7 minute time cut. If you are as knowledgable as you state then you know that 7 minutes is the goal for a person who has been exmployed at Expedia for at least 1 year.

Give Expedia employees a break. We do the best we can. If you have problems with the system then use the feedback form on the site. That's where you can make the most difference.
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splibbbmanPerson was signed in when posted
11:07 PM ET (US)
Oh and P.S.

ROCK ON EXPGoodAgent, Traveler, CntryKitti, EXPCRSAGENT and PhoneGUy.

Jocelyn. Hey ! Speaking about ROCK, go crawl back under yours !!

The Splibbbman
splibbbmanPerson was signed in when posted
10:45 PM ET (US)
First of all let me say......I am the Splibbbman.....defender of the faith.....protector of the weak and innocent !

Second, most people seem to be upset about the lack of flexibility to change travel plans or cancel and get a refund (even if an emergency happens). People typically buy from Expedia because they are looking for the lowest price. Do we have the lowest price all the time? No, but with the hundreds of thousands of fare changes daily by the airlines, nobody does. Independent surveys have shown that we do most of the time. When it comes to travel, low prices and flexibility cannot be used in the same sentence. We state very clearly the costs to make changes BEFORE anyone can make a purchase. Unfortunately sometimes something unexpected effects travel plans and people call in for a refund and get upset when we cannot give one.

Airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals are a commodity that has a "spoilage" date. If the customer does not use their booking, the seats and rooms are empty. If they cancel a day or two before departure it is difficult for the airlines, hotels and Expedia to resell the space. For someone to ask for a refund if their travel plans change at the last minute is kinda like someone planning a wedding, ordering an ice sculpture and carrying a bucket of water back to the caterer the day after the wedding wanting a refund because the bride got stood up at the alter and the wedding canceled. It's too late. At least the bucket of water has more residual value than the empty airline seat!If you want flexibility buy the higher priced items. Full-fare tickets are fully refundable. I personally work very hard to get our customers exceptions to these airline imposed rules, but the airlines are becoming more and more inflexible. For the most part everyone I know at Expedia works very hard to provide the best possible service to our customers. But please, read the terms and conditions before you purchase because they are very clear, especially the points highlighted. I too have worked for other internet companies and worked in other customer service centers and I see the integrity of our managment and product every single day

Third, there are obviously a few people out here "posing" as current Expedia employees, especially the idiot that says they are a Supervisor. Most likely they are disgruntled former employees that were shown the door for providing poor customer service. We have all worked places where we see idiots and ask "what are they doing here, how did they ever get hired." Yes even Expedia has a few (that have slipped through our hiring process). I have worked here for several years and I've seen them come and go, but they are few and far between. Why would a "poser" like this "supervisor" say use another service when in the same breath they say the only reason why they stay is because they need a check? Give me a break !!! We all can see right through you. My supervisor isn't like this nor do I know of any. We have a lot of great people here working hard to be the best in the business. Quick Topic provides a great forum for these people to hide behind slimey rocks and make irresponsble statements.

Thank God for America where even idiots can express their feelings and show the rest of the world in just a few keystrokes just how intelligent they really are.

And, Don't Just Travel, Travel Right !
StormyNightsPerson was signed in when posted
03:07 PM ET (US)
I used to do technical support for one of the biggest Internet companies in the world (I think it IS the biggest Internet company right now). I quit the job because it was just AWFUL working for that company. You can't imagine how horrible they treat their employees and how lowly they give regard for their customers' problems. They made the customers go through incredibly stupid procedures just to update records and technical support people like myself have such limited access to tools that would have otherwise made the customers' lives (and ours, subsequently) much, much easier.

I've been with Expedia for 4 months now. I've spoken to really difficult people and had gotten into sticky situations but rarely do i ever feel that it was Expedia's fault that I am in a rut with a bad call. I guess coming from a horrible company made me appreciate how smooth Expedia runs its operations, how sincere they are with their intentions - to sell the lowest priced tickets there are out there. But most of all , I have gotten to appreciate how very professionally they deal with their employees. They trust us with their business - the customers - and that's something the all employees - at least the not-so-emotionally disturbed ones - realize and respond to.
EXPGoodAgentPerson was signed in when posted
01:42 PM ET (US)

It's quite obvious that some of the employees on this website are only out to badmouth the company they work for.

Too bad. Personally, I like my job. I HAVE spent hours on the phone assisting customers when that's what it's come down to. Funny, how you can make a two hour call to a Cancun hotel but still make the handle time quota.

I came here to try to clear the air. Other employees came here to slander the people that write their checks. I apologize to anyone on this site that has gotten a bad impression of our company from the few baddies out there.

I won't be posting here anymore...besides, I've got work to do.
E.piphany.ha.haPerson was signed in when posted
03:36 AM ET (US)
Oh yeah... Expedia is however, the best laid-out easiest travel site to use. I've tested the competition and am confident in that statement.
E.piphany.ha.haPerson was signed in when posted
03:22 AM ET (US)
Posted by Expgoodagent: (make me puke)

In fact, many agents that will never post here spend hours attempting to reaccomodate passengers or find ways to help. I personally have spent hours with airlines, working out ways to get customers on flights.

Another lie. If you spent that much time trying to assist them, you would no longer be working for Expedia. There are handle times to be met. Under 7 minutes, to be exact, and if you think I'm going to believe you spend hours helping people, you are an even bigger moron than I thought.
E.piphany.ha.haPerson was signed in when posted
03:17 AM ET (US)
Expedia has an another company do the legwork for them. Anyone ever here of TRX? More than likely, you're actually talking to a TRX employee and not an Expedia employee.

If the employees of either TRX or Expedia can sit here and honestly think that Expedia's website is so great and flawless, they are full of horse#$%#! If you use Netscape or AOL's browser w/the site, you are in for a world of trouble. I've seen an Expedia Bargain Fare claim that the passenger was to get etkts... no option to get paper, therefore no option to have the paper tickets routed to anywhere but the billing address (expedia's lovely default)... So the guy thinks he's getting etkts... then it sticks him w/paper tickets (which he didn't want) and routed them to his billing address (another thing he didn't want). I was on the same page with him, because I was walking him through the purch process, (EXP agents cannot purch EBF for customers.) That's just one example of the many things that the site does and we are expected to sit there and come up w/lies to cover Expedia's ass. Unexpected shunts... another wonderful thing that blessed Expedia does to their employees without so much of an email warning. :(

Bottom line, I symphathize with the customers for the most part and feel like hell each day I have to sit there and lie to someone just to make Expedia look good. These 'agents' that think Expedia is so great are just filling us all w/more lies... apparently, they lie so much during the workday, it is beginning to become second nature to them.

And yes, I am there for a paycheck.
Dave123Person was signed in when posted
12:37 AM ET (US)
DO NOT USE WWTE from or American Airlines Website. Way too many problems, bad wedsite, lost reservations, incorrect quotes on prices. CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN. Go directly to the Rental car websites only.
EXample. Got a good rate on a car for CANCUN. UPON arrival, Thrifty wanted a $900.00 deposit on a piece of shit car. There was no information on the WWTE website that states this. They release their liability and tell you to contact the rental car agency for details. GIve me ^*&^*&^ break.
Trust me do not use them. You will get ripped off.
Happy Vacations.
CatherineTheGrandPerson was signed in when posted
09:23 PM ET (US)
Traveler and ExpgoodAgent:
As mentioned, when I called to make changes I had no net access/ could not go to your site. And I should also say that while now I sound bitter (ok "am"), then I was not. Yes, teary-voiced and slow with the brainfog of stress, but polite. Traveler- you made assumptions about following rules, but you've run off rather than asking me. I did read the rules, albeit without memorizing them. (reading far more than most people- I read licences at web sites. I cross out sentences in paper contracts. Long ago I rolled a "lawful good/neutral" (a gneutral?) in the game of life.)

Its just that death and dying put people on an orthogonal set of rules. My grandmother went from 'same as she always was for the past 7+ years' to dead within one week. If we'd had any idea of what would happen of course we'd have gone with fully flexible SouthWest tix or similar. And as non-rich people we're glad that companies like Expedia exist so we can fly 1/10th around the world for centicents per mile.

But the Expedia agents could have immediately said "We really cannot change this. No one you talk to can change this." They didn't. By blaming AC they created delay as I went back and forth between Expedia's and AC's agents. In the end it *was* Expedia's rules, not AC's, and I wish Expedia had just said so.

And of course Expedia's agents don't have any special obligations to a caller whose emergency is unrelated to air travel itself. Perhaps they have stricter penalties for calls that go beyond whatever time limits the call-center imposes. But the sympathetic creativity shown by other companies' agents made for much faster phone calls. Their "here are some suggestions, and let me bring another experienced agent into this call, she also might have ideas" and "we don't have anything for her, but you can call Competitor at this #" helped. Much more help than the answers and transfers around the call center I got at Expedia. (And is it the case that "supervisor" transfers often aren't to an actual supervisor with additional authority? Is that comment inaccurate?)
Deleted by author 10-22-2002 12:58 AM
tattooednerdPerson was signed in when posted
02:51 PM ET (US)
SO as I understand it, no one at was able to facilitate a one-day extension on a ticket. The reason for said extension being that the reason for the flight, a mother being visited, had taken ill and was on her deathbed. Well, kudos to the insensitive, buck-passing microcephalics at Expedia! I am a receptionist in a Doctor's office, and deal with the public on a constant basis, and let me tell you, the patients and businesses that call here are often not pleasant in the slightest. Does it bother me that I become the target of nasty attitude and emotional venting? Hell, yes! However, the point is, THIS IS MY JOB. I am the interface between the patient/business/individual and the doctor, so it behooves me to expedite things like appointments, responses to qeustions, prescription changes, etc. And I do, I don't always like it, but that's how I earn my bread. If I am swamped and someone calls with an emergency, well, I have to buckle-down and help them out. Perhaps the employees of should receive not only some instruction on how to deal with the public in a decent, civilized, compassionate manner, but also some remedial English instruction because not only was some of the grammar and spelling of these people atrocious, but they perhaps need to be reminded that the name Expedia comes from the root word expedite (to accelerate the progress or process of).
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