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chico haasPerson was signed in when posted
02:41 PM ET (US)
I failed to mention that knowing how to tie a few "mild restraints" is worthless unless preceded by some housework.
ahaPerson was signed in when posted
10:55 PM ET (US)
chico: we are knot amused.
erniePerson was signed in when posted
10:47 AM ET (US)
Sounds like its time for a WEC DVD-ROM set!
Chris NotoPerson was signed in when posted
10:08 AM ET (US)
Thanks for the link to recommendo. The Last Whole Earth Catalog changed my life. I have been a Whole Earth Review reader since the beginning, and a subscriber for almost as long. Kelly was one of my favorite editors, and I'm glad to have a way to stay in touch with that sharp brain of his.

Oh, yeah... Eat your hearts out, I've still got all the back issues of WER, save for the Black Panther edited issue, along with the catalogs and related WE pubs.

The only downside is the size of the truck that it takes to move this household.
marksimpkinsPerson was signed in when posted
08:20 AM ET (US)
SIGNAL, i remember being lent a copy and poring through it. Hell I gave it back. oh to find a copy now.....
John WisemanPerson was signed in when posted
03:22 AM ET (US)
Signal changed my life. For many years I looked for an updated version.
Stefan JonesPerson was signed in when posted
02:11 AM ET (US)
Send in a recommendation, Chico! You've got half the review written right there.
chico haasPerson was signed in when posted
08:38 PM ET (US)
Xlnt site. I will take slight issue with the recommended knot book, though. Sure we need only to know a good bend, a bowline and some mild restraints to enjoy life, but Clifford Ashley's Book of Knots, the definitive source on the subject, is such a towering masterpiece of illustration, arcane knowledge and Twainish humor, it's nearly criminal that the one knot book you own in your life would not be this man's incomparable life's work. *****+
Stefan JonesPerson was signed in when posted
07:33 PM ET (US)
I'm bummed. I lost track of my thrift-store copy of _The Last Whole Earth Catalog_ during my last move. A massive, far-ranging document that exposes as utter nonsense the revisionist neocon lies about the 1960s counter-culture.

Then, in the Whole Earth [Review|Quarterly|etc.] Brand, and his cohort tackled topics that didn't reach the mainstream media until years later. They dragged personal computing out of its obscure hobbyist nook into the sunlight with a thoughtful review journal. Under Kelly's editorship, WER talked deep about space colonies and virtual reality and cyberspace, and published articles by guys like David Brin and Bruce Sterling.

And SIGNAL . . . way out of date in many ways, but I've got my copy right here at work, right between _Infinite in All Directions_ and _The Evolution of Useful Things._

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