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MST3K episodes buried by Eldred decision

Rick PrelingerPerson was signed in when posted
11:03 PM ET (US)
Most of the short subjects won't be affected by copyright extension, as they're already PD and obtained through several licensors, including us (Prelinger Archives) and what used to be known as Streamline Film Archives, now F.I.L.M. Archives. BTW, for DIY-minded folks, most of the original films are available or in the process of being made available for free at the Internet Archive,
nougatmachinePerson was signed in when posted
03:31 PM ET (US)
It wouldn't sync up properly, because MST3K often edited the movies for content and to fit in the time slot provided by the network.
TjeffPerson was signed in when posted
10:20 AM ET (US)
CP is right, but I was hoping these episodes would be released in 30-50 years. Now I have to wait 50-70 years to buy them.

How about releasing just the quips in one of those formats that lets you make your own DVD commentary? Then buy the un-MSTed DVD (some are available) and merge with Joel and the 'bots? This hasn't been outlawed yet -- although it is under litigation...
cypherpunkPerson was signed in when posted
01:25 AM ET (US)
Didn't the copyright extension challenged by Eldred increase copyright protection for corporations from 75 to 95 years? If so then the only MST3K movies that would have been affected would be ones from the 1920s, but they didn't satirize any from that early. Most of their movies were from the 50s to 70s, I think. Those would have had another 20+ years of protection even if Eldred had won, right?

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