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Sidekick, your mobile blogging pal

subgeniusPerson was signed in when posted
03:47 PM ET (US)
I was real interested in one of these till I figgured out that it is not color. Dern. As I live in Austin, Texas I think I will stick to my Zaurus for now. Not only can I blog from it most anywhere in town, I run PostNuke on it so I can blog to it and serve it up.

Have Fun and blog to
Edited 10-04-2002 03:47 PM
lhlPerson was signed in when posted
08:00 PM ET (US)
Posting from my hiptop right now. Sort of sucks that the browser doesn't allow file uploads right now. Updates goes out on the air. So I'm pretty hopeful. Phil's bloggerbot (aim) mostly works, but for files, you need you own mail gateway.
librarygeekPerson was signed in when posted
02:51 PM ET (US)
There are a couple other sites related to hiptop weblogging. is a weblog done from the hiptop by a beta tester. Here's how "Basically I send email to a certain address with a certain keyword in the subject line, which triggers procmail to do certain things to it (sort out text, pics, etc.). Some PHP code then looks at a file created by the procmail recipe and generates the weblog entries." has a link where you can submit to a community blog from your hiptop, apparently the photo part doesn't work yet. I haven't tried it yet and so far not many others have either.
Deleted by author 10-02-2002 02:51 PM
TimmyTPerson was signed in when posted
02:28 PM ET (US)
I know that blogging was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Hiptop!

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