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Geez, I haven't been reading much consistently lately. The book of John from the New Testament and Coleman Barks' Essential Rumi have been my morning reading. Haven't been back to Molecular Biology in awhile.

Just finished reading the popular biography of John Adams by David McCullough, and it deserves its popularity. Before that I read The Lexus and the Olive Tree. For me, a good anecdotal companion to Robert Wright's superb book Nonzero.

Now reading The Molecular Biology of the Cell online while waiting for the new edition to be released in March. Recommended by acquaintances who are faculty in the field at MIT. Fascinating!

Started Paris to the Moon (ISBN 0375758232 (alternate, search)), on high recommendation by Rusty at The Village Bookstore in Littleton, NH. Excellent writing, very entertaining, and even enlightening.

Also reading The Red Rose Crew, picked up at the Concord bookstore. It's about the first US women's crew to compete in the world championships, and is fine sports writing with local (training with Harry Parker) and personal interest (I used to row a bit). [ISBN 0786866225 (alternate, search)]

Favorite magazine: The Sun. I subscribe and read it cover to cover. Learned about it from Doc Searls' weblog (he mentioned he wrote for them long ago).



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