February 02, 2009

Visualizing laziness

On the rowing machine again today, with no goal in mind, in fact starting really slowly, and finding myself going a little faster in bursts. But when the idea of beating a time crept in towards the end, I remembered that the real goal is just to do it again tomorrow, with the prerequisite of being in bed thinking about doing it in and not cringing. So I let the time float on upward.

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February 01, 2009

Revival of the unfittest

At Joe's suggestion, Exerblog is back! The timing is perfect. This is the worst of the New England winter slump, when all avenues of outdoor exercise have been iced over just long enough to engender the loss of any mindless but pleasurable workout routines, and only the strongest-willed have forged an alternative indoor path. I'm not one of those.

So today I got out for a run on the side streets of my neighborhood, up and down and across the steep hill behind our house, feeling sometimes like a human Zamboni. The steep streets are the best now because the ice has run off. So I trotted like a 70 year old man in a Chinese park in the morning, step-step-step-step-step, up those steep hills.

One thing noticeably missing is the inner voice telling me how much better I need to be. There's only the sense that I should do this again soon.

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