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June 26, 2003
Nature nose

Took a walk through the woods at lunch in our suddenly steamy Massachusetts weather today. I'm a nose man: heavy on olfactory awareness. You'll find me sniffing the breeze like a happy dog with his head out the car window with tongue wagging. Today, the floral and herbal scents in the woods, concentrated by the overweighing marshy heat, were incredibly sensual. And so varied. I *was* the dog, stopping here and inhaling deeply, and ten feet later smelling something completely, lushly different. An embarrassment of lavish variety.

June 25, 2003
David Weinberger blogs QuickThread and QT Pro

David also has a nice blog entry on QT Pro and QuickThread. Thanks, David!

Jay Cross: eLearning and QuickTopic Pro

eLearning guru Jay Cross has nice things to say about QuickTopic Pro, and he's wasted no time personalizing his own forums. Thanks, Jay!

June 24, 2003
QuickThread: upgrading email

I should mention, for those who read my blog but not the QuickTopic site, that there's this new thing called QuickThread. I'm excited about it because I think it can change the way people use email for group conversations.

It's what I was talking about in my Write the Web interview with Giles Turnbull:

There's also a new feature coming that makes it really easy to move a conversation from email to QuickTopic -- 'revolutionary' might be too strong a word, but I think it can change the way people work. I'm really excited about that, and I may announce it along with the release of QuickTopic Pro.
and I alluded to its usefulness when installed in an organization:
I think that QT in the enterprise, used for all the significant group conversation that's normally done via email, can be the basis for knowledge sharing that's almost impossible with email. Imagine being able to take any group email conversation easily to QT, then being able to search those conversations with any stock inhouse search engine. I actually think this has even bigger potential for corporate knowledge sharing than enterprise weblogging.

Please check it out!

Now back to our regularly scheduled personal weblog.

QuickTopic Pro released

I finally released QuickTopic Pro yesterday, after 6 months of long hours and hard work. I'm excited about it, but it's also great to feel some life rushing into my life again. I was going to sleep and waking up thinking about code and feaures -- really Koyaanisqatsi (life out of balance).

I'm reading about molecular biology now, and I can see QuickTopic as an organism that needed me (and three seed-level investors/friends) to feed it for three years. Now it has the capacity to feed itself economically (thanks to all you good people who subscribe), and I'll be there as a parent to a more mature individual. Get out there and do well, kid.

Life is precious. It's good to have some of it back again.

June 05, 2003

Kurt wrote a few days ago:

I dislike mechanistic analogies. We are not computers. But sometimes words seem like so much data, and I grow tired of processing them.
And I thought "how true for me too". And the only consistent sign of agreement is a smiling nod.

Which reminds me of when I saw the bumper sticker available at the shop at Walden Pond:

Simplify, simplify. -Thoreau
and I thought "geez, it would've been simpler if he'd only said it once.", but then I realized I was complicating the issue.