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March 27, 2003
Blair and Bush at Camp David

I just heard the broadcast of the press conference with Tony Blair and George W. Bush at Camp David. The difference in eloquence between them is staggering and, yes, embarassing.

Example: Asked about the recent shift in estimates of the duration of the war, Bush answered. "However long it takes", followed by a few reiterations of the same thought, with little information added. Blair reminded the questioner that with the glut of coverage, it's easy to forget that it's only been one week, noted in detail what has been accomplished in that week, stated why he thought that question shouldn't be emphasized while giving credence to opposing perceptions, and reiterated the key points again.

Overall, in the segment I heard, Blair had a word count ratio of about 10 to 1 over Bush. I was most impressed with the way that Blair acknowledged opposing positions while emphasizing his own. What a statesman.

Transcript here (starting with Q&A).

March 19, 2003
Softpro Books Event Plug

Here's a shameless plug for my friends Bob and Rick who own Softpro Books in Burlington, MA, a longtime excellent resource for Boston-area software people. They're pretty excited about an event next Wednesday, March 26: They're hosting Chris Sells and David Platt at their store for a "software legends night", and offering 50% off on all their .NET books that evening.

I'll be there.

March 16, 2003
Political action

I'm not ordinarily much interested in party politics, but for the first time ever I feel it's my duty to spend time and money over the next year working for the Democratic party, the goal being to do what I can to assure that George W. Bush isn't re-elected.

March 10, 2003
World of Ends

Doc says

Oddly, Google still gets only 75 results for "World of Ends". None point to the site (World of Ends).
Hope this helps. Maybe Google's spiders have been by since Doc's post because I see it's at number 11 right now, just a couple of items below the Quick Doc Review they created for it.

sucks? not

Can someone at SXSW put me in touch with the person David refers to here:

An audience member is complaining that QuickTopic sucks. (Quick, get me my broker!) QT is separate from the web site you're working on, has separate UI, etc.
I love to work with feedback to improve QT, but I need more context here. Thanks.

[Update: David responds in email (here by permission):

He meant that if I use QT to handle the discussions engendered by my site, I am sending my visitors to a site that doesn't have my brand or branding. Obviously this would be fixed if they paid you to create a QT site for them.
And people can get a customized QuickTopic like the one CIO Magazine uses. And customization will eventually be a self-serve feature in QT Pro. So I feel better.]


Raging Cow

Fun with links: Raging Cow. Via David.

March 03, 2003
All this dream stuff

How interesting that Jeneane did a dream-blog last week (I just read it). Must be something in the collective unconscious poking through. Last week I started reading Morton Kelsey's old book Adventure Inward, which I'd found on my father's bookshelf. Getting past the hokey 1970's Christian-press cover, I'm finding it to be very interesting. It's about keeping a journal of your inner search, and to the point here, includes a section on journalling your dreams, which I've started to do. I also just saw the movie Waking Life (which I highly recommend) after reading about it on Cody Clark's blog. Waking life is a fascinating animated sort of multi-character My Dinner With Andre on the subject of lucid dreaming (I'll let you discover the rest).

Write the Web Interview

Giles Turnbull interviewed me for Write the Web. Read to the end for news about what's coming soon in QuickTopic. e.g.

Imagine being able to take any group email conversation easily to QT, then being able to search those conversations with any stock inhouse search engine. I actually think this has even bigger potential for corporate knowledge sharing than enterprise weblogging.