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November 05, 2004

My wife tells me that a friend of hers who worked hard on the Kerry campaign relayed the following statistic. Before the election the "waiting list" for moving to Canda from the US was 2 months long; now it's a year and a half. [Update - debunked: "There is no unusual activity occurring at our visa missions (in the US). Having someone who intends to come to Canada is not the same as someone actually putting in an application".]

But wait, people! Instead, I propose the following two-part plan for victory in 2008.

  • First, everyone who wants to move to Canada should move instead to Ohio (statistic to watch: housing prices in Oberlin).
  • Second, take a large portion of the DNC budget and use it to fund trips to Europe for the entire southern population of Ohio, to add a touch of the global perspective that might be useful to many of our interior state residents (yeah, I'm assuming they get out of the country less because flights are longer, and that their location exhibits or reinforces a lower propensity for exposure to the bigger world).

Seriously, though. This is a huge country, and the strain of division could become more serious. We need to mix more.

November 05, 2004 08:39 AM