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January 13, 2003
Miles Christ

Just finished reading Jack Miles' excellent book Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God. This post is just a bookmark to come back and discuss some of the things that David, AKMA, and others might be interested in if they haven't already read and discussed this book. There are references to both the Bible's textual (even hypertextual) manifestation, and to postmodern biblical criticism. On the latter, I think I have a lot of catching up to do before I can comment intellegently, so I'll just provide quotes.

In any case, I highly recommend the book. Actually the Appendix II was the most interesting for me. I think it'd be great if Jack made it available on its own on the web. Until then, I found that he's written several articles at Beliefnet.

January 13, 2003 06:36 AM