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January 10, 2003
I just started reading about the LazyWeb concept -- a concept that's delightful to me because it's about evolutionary programming: development in response to needs, where the strongest needs with the greatest visibility are likely to get done first and best. The difference between this model and the usual software startup is sort of a question of how much pressure there is in the faucet. With a startup there's the pressure of quick completion due usually to the infusion of cash by expectant investors, or at least due the fact that you've assembled a bunch of smart people for a specific purpose. Using the faucet flow analogy, you get turbulent flow because of the high pressure. It's chaotic (and also pretty exciting). With evolutionary (LazyWeb) development, you get a smooth laminar flow. Things get done when the demand rises high enough. It's more efficient in many ways, if you can wait long enough (though there needs to be a critical mass of attention to keep the flow going).

LazyWeb's slogan is "If you wait long enough, someone will write/build/design what you were thinking about." In the dot-com era, it was more like "If you're thinking about something (a web site idea usually), someone is already writing/building/designing what you're thinking." I found that to be true so often for myself, that I named my company Internicity, which derives from a blunt smashing together of 'Internet' and 'synchronicity'.
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