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April 14, 2002
Rachel McCartney

We saw Rachel McCartney tonight at Passim. What a voice! I'm lifted three feet higher every time I hear her.

As an occasional dabbler in music, I often find myself imagining ways to make music I hear better. That can be a drawback, getting in the way of just being there to enjoy the music. Anyway, there I was doing it again: I think Rachel could fill a much bigger venue (is that something she'd want?) if she worked with a creative, melodic bassist and a bare-bones solid, but sensitive drummer (a restrained jazz drummer, maybe). The guys she was playing with tonight were excellent too (guitar and mandolin), and in a couple of moments they really caught fire together. But while I was knocked out by Rachel's voice, my ear eventually wanted a bass underpinning for her huge gospel/blues wail, especially on Will I. Watch for her! She can go far, especially if she chooses carefully who she works with. Update I sent Rachel email with the same general message, and she responds positively, saying loves to collaborate with folks. And now that I've heard the disc Eye On The Horizon, which I bought at the show, it's clear that she does. With a lineup like that live, her next stop oughta be headlining at the Orpheum.

April 14, 2002 12:51 AM