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10 Years Later
06:53 PM ET (US)
10 years later ! It is fascinating to read the above after 10 years have passed since that day in September. What strikes me about Johns reaction the day after the attacks is just how spot on he was to the near completion of the totalitarianism project. I want to say with the benefit of hindsight, that this was a textbook case. However this was far from textbook this was subtle quite and genius. Now that project is all but complete we are fully enslaved in the new order. Democracy in the USA is in trouble to say the least and the future is bleak at best. The curious thing about the comments above is that no one is per se wrong (not even Barlow is an Idiot i am sure he would admit an idiot gene or two). What seems clear is that just like the souls that perished that day. All had there own opinion, views and politics. No doubt, had the opportunity arisen a myriad of views would have given rise to heated debate. In the end after the panic and the fear and everyone has had there say. There is silence before the impact The magnitude of what has just happened we can not comprehend. We are too close to the shift so indeed we are myopic. The odd thing is 10 years after that day, i for one am still awaiting the third wave, in seismic terms, the elastic S-wave. We felt the surface impact that day, 10 years past, but we have yet to feel the wave that will pass through us all. My read would be we are mid transition as if halfway through an impact part of us is still in the old paradigm some have accepted uncertainty and inevitable change. I believe there are those who may already be in to the new age, the new order. Perhaps people like John Perry Barlow.
Edited 09-12-2011 07:00 PM
Vincent Engelmann
04:48 AM ET (US)
I honestly cannot conceive of an alternative to (at least) temporary rendition of civil liberties provided the general goal is to prevent the terrorist acts capable of being commited via the very exploitation of the freedoms currently enjoyed. It does indeed appear atrocious to minimize our freedoms as such and contradict the principles of our land, but to do otherwise is to /permit/ the continuation of this terrorism and is utterly myopic. Perhaps I am missing something but I see no proposed ALTERNATIVES. If you want to convince me or anyone who shares this mindset, that is an integral aspect of your position.
Edited 09-16-2001 04:49 AM
Debra Demske
08:18 PM ET (US)
Perhaps our children will remember Barlow's words of concern while they are dying in Afghanistan for his right to voice his opinion. If our freedom erodes beyond our tolerance, there will be lack of support for our government. That's not likely to happen soon. Monday, I would have agreed with John's view that our personal freedoms are being eroded. Today, I view this concern as inconsequential. The vast majority of America is willing to sacrifice some of our rights temporarily (and some permanently - no more boarding planes without close searches) to ensure the success of our armed forces and defeat terrorism. I am proud to be one of those Americans. Maybe John would stick to writing songs until the war is won (unless he wants to write something patriotic and inspiring, as I know he could if he wanted).
Marc Debrosse
05:25 AM ET (US)
Your words are right!
I feel as shocked as possibly being though i don't inhabit NY i not even US citizen.
As a french citizen i feel as concerned by the past disaster as the incoming events
We french are not that confident about Bush's policy even about his own mind and wisdom.
and that is really scary! because america's arm is the only one able to launch a global disaster
An American
08:51 AM ET (US)
Barlow is an idiot.
chico haas
11:35 AM ET (US)
I agree with Mr. Barlow. We absolutely need to demonstrate in the streets to protect our civil liberties. And we should do it now in New York and Washington, where the authorities are too busy elsewhere to prevent us from winning the hearts and minds of the American people. Say when, John. I'm right behind you.
Charlie Stross
11:22 AM ET (US)

He's right.


(FBI turning up at ISPs in the US with Carnivore boxes
in tow, asking if they can plug them in, now).

And it's not just the USA:,1300,550524,00.html

(Tony Blair, British PM noted for extreme control freakiness, orders security clampdown in the UK, starts
discussions with other EU leaders, more or less declares
Jihad against global terrorism.)

Yep, the extreme control freaks are having a field day.

-- Charlie

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