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02:47 PM ET (US)
Hello my friends :)
John King
07:01 PM ET (US)
I've always liked that quote because ANY solo instrument would fall short of the task of adequately performing the St. Matthew Passion. However, the same genius that infused the Passion with life also breathed it into every note of his solo pieces, some of which are mostly do-able on the ukulele. It is worth pointing out that Bach was an avid transcriber of his own music and cast the Preludio of BWV 1006 (Partita No. 3 from my CD) in 4 different scenarios: solo vioin, solo lute, positiv organ and orchestral sinfonia. One more done in the campanella syle, popular in Bach's time on the baroque guitar, for the re-entrantly tuned soprano ukulele would have probably delighted the Master. Come to think of it, a setting of "Herzlich thut mich verlangen" from the Passion may work just great on the uke. I'll get back to you on that!