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Maintenance Craft

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Elaine Dunlap
07:57 AM ET (US)
I must not have been clear. PTR's cannot work additional hours due to the reasons stated below. It's not a matter of denying them the work opportunities, it's part of their job classification.

Raymer's goal was to have proper staffing packages and people to fill the positions. The monetary remedy was to get the service moving in that direction.

Yes, I am a staffing advocate. However, locally, I am the editor and chief steward in Rochester. I have been trying to answer your questions, not fuel your anger.

You have a chief steward, an Officer assigned to your installation, a MCD and the local president.

You seem like you've read the contract and at least some of the custodial staffing documents. I believe that you posted that you were previously a union president. Why not be part of the solution?
Edited 09-25-2019 08:03 AM
Steven D. Karaguleff
09:22 PM ET (US)
Elaine, I did not say, nor did I imply, anything about changing anybody's schedule. It's obvious that they would show up everyday and do their job, in their facility, according to their schedule. If they were to pickup additional hours, it should be in addition to their assignment. But hey, it's not my job to get people more hours, and it's not my budget. I just believe that it's best if the budgeted hours are actually worked, rather than paying them out for nothing, I believe that was the arbitrators intent too.

Elaine, you said "Being punched on the proper operation at all times is important. Writing time sheets or work orders for all work performed without a route sheet are some of the weapons to correct a bad staffing package."
I already have a stack of 4805's, when is somebody going to address them? We've been recycling for a good 15 years, when is that function going to be accounted for? You did say you are a National Staffing Advocate correct?

82% retired I too noticed that was missing.
Edited 10-02-2019 08:13 AM
82% Retired
05:30 PM ET (US)
"Emergencies are unforeseen or unanticipated circumstances." Add to that "not of a reoccurring nature." It it occurs often (under staffing) it cannot be a emergency.
Elaine Dunlap
01:52 PM ET (US)
Steven, PTR's have a set schedule. Their schedule can only be modified temporarily in an emergency situation.

Emergencies are unforeseen or unanticipated circumstances.

Overtime is due to the needs of service.

Overtime sometimes indicates a bad staffing package.

Associate Offices generally do not schedule according to the cleaning frequencies listed in their staffing package.

Custodial employees should have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly....etc route sheets that reflect only the items listed in their installations staffing package. Almost no office outside of the plants have route sheets.

Being punched on the proper operation at all times is important. Writing time sheets or work orders for all work performed without a route sheet are some of the weapons to correct a bad staffing package.
07:44 AM ET (US)
You beg for answers/info and then get a thoughtful and detailed response.

But because it doesn't agree with your flawed thinking, you attack and dismiss the truth.

If you're not there yet, you will go to the dark side where the contract doesn't matter. You won't be missed.
Steven D. Karaguleff
09:36 PM ET (US)
Oh, back to the forced OT argument. On what grounds? A lack of proper staffing???? An emergency??

Also, are you telling me it would be a contractual violation to borrow a PTR custodian seeking more hours perhaps just to get 40 straight hours??
Edited 09-24-2019 12:28 AM
Elaine Dunlap
05:50 PM ET (US)
If the volunteer custodians are not part of the W'Ford Installation then they have their own OTDL and sections.
If there is no W'Ford custodian on the OTDL, then forced OT is the proper method.
One of many problems with allowing outside custodial volunteers to work outside of their installation is there is no correct method for choosing the volunteers. Volunteers start causing violations of OTDL rotations within their own installation. Then the 50+ offices (with custodians) in our District would have a valid argument that they should be the custodial volunteer.
This argument always goes back to the following cites: Article 8.5 OT will be scheduled among qualified employees doing similar work in the work location where the employees regularly work. 8.5.D. if the list doesn't provide sufficient qualified people, qualified FTR employees not on the list may be required to work. Article 38.2.B defines an installation. Article 38.7.C. an OTDL in the Maintenance Craft shall be established for each occupational group and level.

Asking for outside volunteers violates the contract. Additionally, we would be violating every custodial section OTDL outside of yours if a handful of volunteers were offered OT while some never get a rotational opportunity. Pandora's box.
I have spent a lot of time and energy trying to correct custodial staffing issues. The 2014 Line H agreement was a genius move by Steve Raymer our former National MCD. There is a written remedy for these staffing problems. It may seem like a long game, but if followed, it will correct the problem.
Steven D. Karaguleff
02:17 PM ET (US)
Not outside the maint. craft I'm saying ask for custodial volunteers. There is no otdl to cross in my facility. Well I guess there is a recent one due to a recent filling of a vacancy at our other facility. But I still don't see an otdl offense by borrowing volunteers.
Edited 09-23-2019 04:31 PM
Elaine Dunlap
01:58 PM ET (US)
Articles 8 and 38. Overtime sections.
Crossing OTDL sections and perhaps crafts. Article 7.2 if it is a crossing craft issue.
Edited 09-23-2019 01:59 PM
Steven D. Karaguleff
01:13 PM ET (US)
I will give it some consideration Elaine, thank you. Elaine, let's start with this: Ystrdy our MCD seems to have stated by email, that to borrow a volunteering employee (whom seeks to get additional hours) for Line H purposes etc. is a contract violation, what section/manual/settlement is being violated?
Edited 09-23-2019 01:41 PM
Elaine Dunlap
12:42 PM ET (US)
/m2312 Steven, I might be able to assist you with your Line H questions. I am currently the editor of the 480-481 Communicator. I was the Maintenance Craft Director and I am a National staffing advocate. I work 600-2. Office line is 248-601-1025. Or, email your questions to elainedunlap61@gmail.com
10:44 AM ET (US)
Only to you.

If you're not willing to read the contract and be able to intelligently discuss it, I suppose it might seem too hard. I always got to the bottom because I knew what questions to ask and listened to the answers.
82% Retired
10:05 AM ET (US)
"Mgt's answer to 'why' is 'because we say so'." That is pretty much the same answer the union gives.
09:06 AM ET (US)
/m2312 you post on a public forum and cry when people offer free help.

what kind of ____________ (fill in the blank) are you?
07:28 AM ET (US)
Your hatred of the union is showing.

Union cannot always do what the members want because it's work is to enforce the contract.

Mgt's answer to 'why' is 'because we say so'. Read the contract, go to meetings, ask questions, and the 'whys' of the union become obvious. One or 2 meetings combined with arrogance will only leave you ignorant.
82% Retired
10:23 PM ET (US)
/m2311 Don't you just love it when people who are supposed to work for you speak to you in such a manner. The union sounds just like management. We are much smarter than you so trust us.
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