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Maintenance Craft

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Elaine Dunlap
01:58 PM ET (US)
Articles 8 and 38. Overtime sections.
Crossing OTDL sections and perhaps crafts. Article 7.2 if it is a crossing craft issue.
Edited 09-23-2019 01:59 PM
Steven D. Karaguleff
01:13 PM ET (US)
I will give it some consideration Elaine, thank you. Elaine, let's start with this: Ystrdy our MCD seems to have stated by email, that to borrow a volunteering employee (whom seeks to get additional hours) for Line H purposes etc. is a contract violation, what section/manual/settlement is being violated?
Edited 09-23-2019 01:41 PM
Elaine Dunlap
12:42 PM ET (US)
/m2312 Steven, I might be able to assist you with your Line H questions. I am currently the editor of the 480-481 Communicator. I was the Maintenance Craft Director and I am a National staffing advocate. I work 600-2. Office line is 248-601-1025. Or, email your questions to elainedunlap61@gmail.com
10:44 AM ET (US)
Only to you.

If you're not willing to read the contract and be able to intelligently discuss it, I suppose it might seem too hard. I always got to the bottom because I knew what questions to ask and listened to the answers.
82% Retired
10:05 AM ET (US)
"Mgt's answer to 'why' is 'because we say so'." That is pretty much the same answer the union gives.
09:06 AM ET (US)
/m2312 you post on a public forum and cry when people offer free help.

what kind of ____________ (fill in the blank) are you?
07:28 AM ET (US)
Your hatred of the union is showing.

Union cannot always do what the members want because it's work is to enforce the contract.

Mgt's answer to 'why' is 'because we say so'. Read the contract, go to meetings, ask questions, and the 'whys' of the union become obvious. One or 2 meetings combined with arrogance will only leave you ignorant.
82% Retired
10:23 PM ET (US)
/m2311 Don't you just love it when people who are supposed to work for you speak to you in such a manner. The union sounds just like management. We are much smarter than you so trust us.
Steven D. Karaguleff
09:02 PM ET (US)

@postalvet the self appointed watchdog of this page /m2311
Edited 09-22-2019 09:23 PM
07:49 PM ET (US)
/m2310 "where is my copy and where is my team?"

are you crazy?? you are not a steward and have NO right to "your copy"

like your president said you are not educated enough to understand the workings of the post office.

time to let it go or go back to carrier.

or find a different way to handle this.
Steven D. Karaguleff
07:24 PM ET (US)
*If there ever was a tl-5 team cleaning remeasurement done, where is my copy and where is my custodial-team-cleaning team? and I don't believe there was a remeasurement, it's a HOAX.
*I've been to some meetings, learned nothing.
*If borrowing an employee who volunteers to pickup more hours in another office is a violation of the contract, then where exactly does it violate the contract/manual/settlement. The MCD should have cited it. I told them I am looking for contract citations, it doesn't seem too hard to me, I've been a steward.
*Elections have consequences. Vote wisely.
Edited 09-23-2019 07:09 AM
Steven D. Karaguleff
06:13 PM ET (US)
And here is his reply:
Jxxx Dxxx
4:52 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

Your ignorants is bliss Steven and if you even had clue of what goes on this conversation may be worth indulging.

The fact is that remesuament settlement was prior to your facility going under the TL5 and it has been in fact remeasured and calculated for the new CTC cleaning.

You clearly think this union dont push for proper staffing, again come to union meeting so you can be informed. There has been 9 custodial jobs filled in the AO's and 14 more in the plant do to these grievances. Also several PTR custodians converted to FTR. That is not bragging but just defending myself of your wrongly accused accusations.

And if you think the Union has all that power to do the things you listed I can see why you are angered and wanting out of the union. But maybe become more active and actually understand why your union is doing and trying to accomplish prior to stating fires and claiming to try and help people from the burning building. Again being more active you could help change the language in contract by writing and passing resolutions, clearly those ideas you speak of are great but in violation of tha CBA. I follow the book 100% and use it only when it's what works for me

Take the time to look up the definition of UNION and you will see it's the employees of a organization and without involvement they are weak. Before you falsely say what isnt getting done get active and stop taking the easy way and when all said and done allow someone else pay your way while you set on the sideline.

Have a good weekend and if you have anything union related from here forward I will be happy to assist. But if you enjoy starting these fires as you claim I have no interest in keeping them going, I have plenty of members needing my help with violations.
05:50 PM ET (US)
/m2305 Kindest advice I can give is to not make PO your career. Get some more education if need be because expecting PO to be nice to you is going to be nothing but years of misery for you. So give it a deep think about what will make you happy.

That one-day notice means they want you to come as you are and not be prepared. Maybe it's a piss-test? Point is it's in their interest to do it that way and that's all that matters to them. PO wants workers who don't rock the boat.
01:50 PM ET (US)
/m2360 try contacting one of these people.


if that does not work go to the top;

but you better STOP with the all caps as that will get you NO WHERE but the trash can.
Steven D. Karaguleff
11:53 AM ET (US)
Axx Dxxx

11:33 AM (17 minutes ago)

to Jxxx
You just don't stop with your wrongheaded accusations Jxxx, to accuse me of liking conflict really is very na´ve of you Jxxx. Do you think a fireman likes when he/she goes into a burning building while everyone else is running out?? Typically they do not "like" it, but they tolerate it, because it means something important to them. Your words tell me YOU like conflict. Over 12 months ago I informed you of my settlement regarding remeasurements, which needs to be enforced, I told you of the errors with my 4852, and other things, you said I was trying to put my issues ahead of your other cases, you bragged about your accomplishments as a steward and told me your workload is heavy, but, over 12 months have gone by and none of my issues have been addressed, and now you falsely accuse me of not being a member and you falsely accuse me of liking conflict when I merely want my paperwork corrected. Seems that YOU are the one that likes conflict!

Though I probably cleared this up in the past, I will tell you again: I was not a party to the Line H grievance, I was apparently still a carrier when that issue was challenged, and, the settlement requires mngmt to utilize all budgeted hours or, payout for the hours not used. YOU could be spreading (via the newsletter as one example) words of "overtime or straighttime, is available" to single moms and dads and VETERANS all throughout the 480-481 area, for my office and/or any office falling short of utilizing all budgeted custodial hours. Management could and should, spread the same words. But most importantly, PROPER STAFFING WOULD SOLVE ALL ISSUES of under utilizing the budgeted custodial hours in most cases. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME TO POINT OUT WHAT IS OBVIOUS BUT IS BEING IGNORED WHICH IS I SUPPORT PROPER STAFFING FOR MY BUILDING EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD LIKELY CAUSE ME TO GET NO PAYOUT DUE TO ALL HOURS BEING UTILIZED!!!!!!! Tell me Jxxx, why you have NOT ever shown support for proper staffing in my facility???
Edited 09-23-2019 10:24 AM
06:32 PM ET (US)
Need help!!! I want to know whom I suppose to contact if the hiring process is not Fair
I passed my 955 exams and interview at North Houston P&DC then I received 1 email on 09-03-2019 to come on 09-04-2019 for 972 assessment, I am working as RCA and schedule for work on that day.

I Want to know is this normal practice of hiring and not giving enough time to come on an interview?

When I called the district office HR and told about this first she trying to convince me we do not accommodate anyone, this is your job to come on given time and date and we are not bound to give enough time to the candidates, Than I asked her whom I contact if I feel hiring process is not fair. Then she said to wait for the next opening or contact the person who sends you an email. I send emails to each and everyone who was in the email or was in job post details, but not heard anything yet.

Anyone know any forum or contact person who will look into this matter.

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