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White Knuckle Sandwich

Ray Gun Sharpadero
04:51 PM ET (US)
I agree with what Jen from the band said. I would also use the word "vaudeville" in describing them. Their disc is fun, but you must see them alive--they are a bonafide hoot!
Jen from WKS
08:46 PM ET (US)
We take the stage with ukuleles, trombone, keyboard, spacephones, bass, shelves of colorful percussion and tight three-part harmonies. Our songs are smart, stupid, funny, catchy, short, and full of ridiculous noises. We've been described as a cross between Frank Zappa and Manhattan Transfer. Some liken us to They Might Be Giants and Squirrel Nut Zipper Heads. We're kind of like all the Muppets, only human, and there are just three of us. To get a really great idea of what we're like- come to a show! Stay tuned to the website for upcoming shows, and buy a cd!
Also- we have one song animated online- LOVE IS FUN-
which is at www.anteye.com - click on animation...

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