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sathya sai baba - anti christ?

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Barry Pittard
05:17 PM ET (US)

For more than two decades, many devotees and non-devotees have had close knowledge of the great integrity, courage and decency of both Glen Meloy (USA) and Conny Larsson (Sweden), who you have shockingly maligned.

It is one thing to critically assess evidence of any person’s contributions to the Expose. This task relates to relevance, and needs to be in context, and have respect to facts, evidence, and the logic of contentions. It is another thing altogether to slander. A person’s good name for being morally upright is indescribably precious, yet repeatedly those who have stood up in the Expose have had to suffer scurrilous, untrue allegations, typically which have nothing to do with the topic and present day concerns. Your comments amount, surely, to libel, and cannot be allowed to stand uncountered.

What motive can you have for belittling two people who have worked so incredibly selflessly, sacrificially and with almost superhuman effort to bring the allegations of countless victims worldwide of Sai Baba? In slandering Glen and Conny, you by extention slander the many boys, young men, their families and their supporters, who they have valiantly striven to assist.

In slandering these two persons, you have wrongly attacked two extraordinarily good and decent men. Have you taken a look at the many names of persons who have signed the Petition calling upon civil and other authorities to investigate the allegations against Sai Baba? These signatories are part of the ever growing numbers of dissenters who are going public in support of efforts so bravely pioneered by a tiny handful of persons, among foremost of whom were Glen Meloy and Conny Larsson.

Consider, if you will, that so many signatories, now former devotees, were for years highly respected names and often office bearers in the Sathya Sai Organisation.

Nor, in any case, do the great many and weighty testimonies against Sai Baba stand or fall on the strength or weakness of this or that individual Expose member. The evidence comes from a great many individuals. Why do you take the same line as so many of Sai Baba's followers (including some top leaders) who set out to malign the Expose by attempting to single out and to slur two or three individuals in it? The Expose relates to hundreds of serious, responsible dissenters. Will you malign us ALL?

Even if (and I do not for a moment credit your accounts of Glen and Conny) a person had made mistakes much earlier in his life, the onus is on you to prove that any pattern of offense now governs any person’s conduct of the Expose.

Barry Pittard, Australia
02:06 PM ET (US)
I think your dream is interesting too!
02:05 PM ET (US)
Your journal writings are so interesting and perceptive.
I am a fan of the "Michael material" also. :-)
02:01 PM ET (US)
Ref post #1862

That is a very revealing and interesting story and I've heard others like that from devotee friends. That's exactly what I would like to do to many men...ha ha ha ha!!! I'm glad he did it. Very good chap!!

There's a story about a small group of lesbian women who came to PN to "clean up their act" and sb helped them. There is another story of an "oiling" of a teenage boy. This took place in an interview with the boy's mother. Sai explained exactly what he was doing and why. The mother didn't like it however and turned against SB for it...but it was not done in secret.
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