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sathya sai baba - anti christ?

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true light007
04:37 AM ET (US)
Finally and to end:

The entire 'ashram' (ashrams) is a 'collective desire' projected and brought into being by the very people who visit and call themselves devotees. Of perhaps a better word would be a 'collective' habit of our greed and weaknesses (the human condition) - which has manifested for us all to learn by.

There was never a more potent lesson given.
true light007
04:28 AM ET (US)
Oh, I've been watching the jubilee and missed all the comments - seems we have moved on somewhat.

Annica has wonderful insights and I am glad she has aired them here. Although what she has written has been similarly posted before on this board - but perhaps not so well put or understood.

Strange about the videos showing SB cheating! as I've seen vibuthi fall from his hands out of nowhere, time and time again at darshans....

What is evident and true for most seekers is that Sai Baba is a harsh teacher. He has not come here to 'baby' us but to correct us. But I suppose after so many of us reading those sugary sweet books written by prominent devotees - we feel somewhat disappointed in our own treatment.(therapy)

The truth is we are full of hidden traits, desires and habits that we do not wish others to know of, or dare admit to ourselves.

Being with SB brings all the 'hidden facts' to the surface where they can be faced. God, it has happened to me many times while there, it was often uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing too. Many, many times I've wanted to leave and never to return because I didn't want to face up to what I was personally seeing in my personality. I did not want to own it. But because I value myself - and because I want to understand, and because I have had enough 'wisdom' experiences from SB, I stayed and work it out for myself.

When I took real time to reflect on my character, my traits and some of my habits, I realised what I am seeing around me, experiencing through others and on my own, were my own distorted views that I was not fully aware of.

While with Sai Baba, everything I am and everything within me came up to the surface, where I can deal with it in time. (Time sometimes being years........)

From my experiences with SB - I learned that many people both women and men experience deeply sexual feelings in his presence, but many do not wish to speak of it natually. It is too delicate a matter to openly share with others. I can tell you it takes a lot of maturity to own one's sexual habits - and a lot more maturity to deal with them.
When with Sai baba you need to observe yourself and your habits closely - because a journey to him is also a journey to your inner and deeper self; a journey of awareness from which you can greatly benefit by - if you wish to grow spiritually.

Also remember that no two people will have the same experiences, nor see Sai Baba the same way.
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For Beth Again
01:21 AM ET (US)
Beth, honey, read your own message #1823. Unless you're inside his head you don't know what SB is thinking or why he says what he does. No "I believe," or "maybe" from you in that post. You seem to think you know it all.
Roshan Ram Rammohan
01:09 AM ET (US)
Sekharji and everybodyelse,
 Accordong the scriptures and how a bunch of people interpret
 them, SB may be DEMON or GOD. That is not a concern according to me. According to the Indian Penal Code (such a thing does exist) SB is a criminal.
 Unlike scriptures, the Law is unambiguous, unbiased and final.
 (atleast as far as this birth is concerned .. right Beth ?)
 Its a pity that the instruments of the law arent in good working order in India. So screw this scripture_demon_god talk and think about putting the bugger in jail. (I would prefer an electric
 'throne' for him .. but well.. i am bound by the law too.. )

Hari Sampath
12:25 AM ET (US)

Where did I get convoluted on you ? lol :-) All I suggested was if we go by evidence, then SB can be shown to be a cheat, fakes miracles, molests boys, and has been doing so for 50 years. So that leaves only the "paranormal experiences" to deal with. I merely suggested that perhaps these experiences were really granted by a "Real Power" above everything, to sincere sb devotees with faith, to fulfill that faith, sometimes even using the sb form.

Is this convoluted or your explanation about accepting sb to be somewhat special, and trying to accommodate his tricks, molestations etc by unknown and unbelievable explanations, convoluted ?

Mine is rather simple, and if True, in fact explains the whole Sai Baba story.

Hari Sampath
11:37 PM ET (US)
Hari, don't get all convoluted on me now.

There could be ANYTHING going on, but one thing that I use to determine what is happening is my INTUITION. I am learning to trust mine. Along with discrimination, I use it to determine if something is true, false, real or unreal.

I am NOT trying to put out a theory, only thought provoking comments to stimulate the mind. But I probably should stop doing it. Everyone should follow their own heart..their own souls. This is not a right/wrong situation.
11:30 PM ET (US)

  <<WOW.. beth ... youre too cool !!! >>

Thanks...I've been told that before :-). (lol)
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