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sathya sai baba - anti christ?

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Anthony Thomas
04:21 AM ET (US)
This board is suspended.

'sb' devotees have decided to violate 'sb's instructions to his followers that they should have nothing to do with the internet and not to respond to anything said against him.

I would like to refer people looking for the real truth about 'sb' to some of the following exposure websites. If you are willing to trust your doubts about 'sb' and take the time to investigate further, you will find a bed of corruption and abuse, hidden by payments to officials and the adoration of his fans who just can't bring themselves to believe that their 'god' is really doing this!!

HE IS! And much more.

God bless everyone and may the truth about 'sb' - (molester of children) - continue to be shown to the entire world.
Edited 07-21-2002 02:12 PM
Anthony Thomas
02:30 PM ET (US)
Temporary suspension.

One of 'sb' devotees is violating his masters strict instruction to have nothing to do with the internet.
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Anthony Thomas
11:06 AM ET (US)
This site is about exposing sb only.
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