Nelly the uker Nelly the uker QuickTopic <![CDATA[Nader | Nelly u are the best rapper one earth]]> 2002-12-01T04:08Z <![CDATA[uker one! | i dont know about nelly but i been rolln these streets since...]]> 2002-04-30T03:31Z <![CDATA[Amanda | Why are you so damn fine?? e-mail me!...]]> 2002-04-22T19:22Z <![CDATA[Lauren pop... | You are Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!! phone 905-985-4668 please...]]> 2002-02-24T01:08Z <![CDATA[melissa b... | you are the most sexy man on earth by mel]]> 2002-02-24T01:05Z <![CDATA[Austin | Nelly, who's your favorite rap singer besides you]]> 2002-01-21T18:29Z <![CDATA[Matt | what car do u have?]]> 2001-09-05T20:50Z