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Letter Carrier Discussions

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Boss Basher
04:51 PM ET (US)
HOORAY!! - That sounds like our city, the last year I worked there. The entire Christmas Season was one titanic SNAFU. New Ideas every half-hour, nobody had a clue what was going on - or Where's The Mail? - the only Constant was our insane little Postmaster, hollering like Stentor on the battlefield: "Every piece, every day!" People out on the street past 11:00 pm - a total Cluster.
Edited 08-14-2019 04:52 PM
03:22 PM ET (US)
This past Sunday our district implemented a new program to deliver Amazon & Priority. Instead of having the mail sent to each office & clerks prepping it, mgmt set up dispatch in our main office. They put in machines to sort parcels. So now all the parcels for all the surrounding cities are sent to our main office on Sunday.

Our CCAs said it was a total disaster. There were thousands of parcels to deliver & only 16 Promasters available. Everyone else had to use LLVs. The machines only sort spur sized crap so large parcels were stacked everywhere.

Remember I said no clerks so 2-CCAs had to scan all the parcels using hand scanners. Our CCAs said they stood around for three hours wondering what the hell was going on. Then eventually they loaded up and went out for delivery. They said some CCAs didn`t make their first runs until almost 3 PM. They had been there since 8 AM.

Many were from cities miles away & had to come back & reload up to 6-times. One CCA told me our manager called him around 8 PM & told him to stop delivering & wrap it up. He said he clocked off at 9 PM.

We have this district muckety-muck who is always dreaming up crazy crap like this. He wanted to eliminate bringing in clerks to supposedly save money & trucks driving to every post office to drop off parcels.
02:42 PM ET (US)

Automation and technology has almost killed the golden goose.
02:36 PM ET (US)
You exhibit the typical scab mentality.

'Never mind what union has accomplished. They haven't gotten everything I want so they're shit'.

Seen and heard it all my career. So sad.
02:20 PM ET (US)
"They insisted on it right? Yet we don't have it."

do you understand what bargaining is????
02:03 PM ET (US)
Isn't the highest career percentage possible 100%. They insisted on it right? Yet we don't have it.

Stop yourself with the hate, I don't hate unions, just disagree with ours. What's hateful is using personal insults instead of arguing your position. Maybe the new red flag laws will pass so at least we can take away your guns.
01:27 PM ET (US)
Cca's would not be in the union in that scenario.
01:24 PM ET (US)
Only in your hate-filled little mind.

So you need to explain why the unions have insisted on as high career % as possible. If you were right, they would never ever do that but reality is that they have done that for 5 decades.
Edited 08-14-2019 01:26 PM
12:44 PM ET (US)
The union would be 100% ok with a 100% CCA workforce as well, doesn't make any difference to them, they make the same cash from sitting on CCAs or sitting on careers.

A system like I explained wouldn't result in 1/2 the workforce, more like 60-70% but imagine that, the same amount of productivity from even 70% of the people. Just not renewing CCAs would get rid of most of the 30%, offer and early out with incentives like the other unions have gotten and you would get the rest needed.
Boss Basher
12:05 PM ET (US)
/m69240 I've said it for 40 years: Management would have a Carrier workforce entirely staffed by PTFs, if they could. In their feeble minds, the job is so simple "A Trained Chimp Could Do It", so they do not want anyone getting Comfortable out on the route. Period. (I'm agreeing with you).

I know...makes NO SENSE at all, but that is how I see Management's attitude, toward the Carriers.
Cali to Colo
11:38 AM ET (US)
I posted some info. to carriers getting ready to retire on the Early Retirement forum and I didn't want to delete it, although it should have just been posted here. I am retired and I reviewed the "anti-blister" socks available because I want some more black ones. The anti-blister "WrightSock" you can get with your uniform allotment is something to consider accumulating as retirement gets closer. This sock was reviewed as #2 for performance for anti-blister socks. I won't go back to other socks. I can buy them from the uniform stores for $9-$11 per pair, but for a single pair of socks - that is a lot. But they are worth that to me! Keep those in mind and try them if you have not yet tried them.
11:27 AM ET (US)
Management wants a non career work force period. The union wants a career work force, with all the benefits the haters recieve.
 Our local president went to the National. He was saying management wants to push forward the consolidated casing. The test offices are seeing an increase in retirements and carriers quitting. Carriers don't know who has a forward or who requested a hold. Trying to get new carriers to stay on board is impossible. So if it doesn't work we all know they will push forward with it anyway.
09:38 AM ET (US)
All crafts have had non-benefit workers for decades so to blame APWU for them is wrong. Call them casuals, call them TE, or temps [back in the '60s], they are nothing new.

What is new is this new set have a path to full-time and also some leave. They're not dead-end jobs for the first time. And the way I think about them is they are permanent employees just on probation for longer than 90 days like subs used to be.
Cuda 318 (Ed White)
09:04 AM ET (US)
Correct me if I'm wrong X-stew, I believe both the Mail Handlers and the City Letter Carriers had MHAs and CCAs imposed upon them through binding arbitration. If I remember correctly the reason was because the APWU had agreed to PSEs through negotiation and ratification and management used that argument in arbitration against the other two crafts.
Edited 08-14-2019 09:09 AM
Cali to Colo
08:45 AM ET (US)
/m69236 Clarification appreciated.
08:38 AM ET (US)
/m69226 Ever allowing the creation of CCAs

Hate the union much? Reality is CCAs were imposed, not allowed. Mgt went to the arbs over union objections and won the right to have them.

But if you want to believe in alternate facts, go right ahead.
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