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Letter Carrier Discussions

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11:18 PM ET (US)
keith p - I have been number 1 on list for over 3 years, I understand what your saying but you have no grievance.
keith p
10:21 PM ET (US)
Where are you located Jello?
Edited 08-20-2018 10:21 PM
10:02 PM ET (US)
keith p /m67926 ... There is no procedure for amending the contract during the life of the contract. 94% of the carriers voted for the contract. People who are asleep at the wheel should be blaming themselves, not the union. You may let the carriers know about it all you want, but most won't care, this is not a hot button issue.
10:02 PM ET (US)
The year they agreed to this transfer agreement is when they were trying to throw a bone to our cca's and former TE's who were upset about the drop in pay but were given an opportunity to make career easier so the transfer agreement does make it harder on the regular. The union was trying to help our cca members since we lost ptf status for the cca status. Did you try a mutual trade? We are at an office with a high turnover of cca's so regular transfers don't take long, we've had 3 regulars transfer in the last 4 months.
keith p
09:51 PM ET (US)
Denniss, I did read it. Not trying to start an argument, just trying to see if there is anyone that is thinking this should be amended. I didn't vote on it. Did you? We were sold out and its a shame. I for one want to speak out and let carriers know about it. Pretty sure in my office we go with the flow until an issue comes up. Most of us are asleep at the wheel when it comes to contact stuff. Myself included.
09:37 PM ET (US)
/m67923 If it is in the current contract, you have no case.
82% Retired
08:22 PM ET (US)
Yes BB, sounds like we traveled a similar path. I too transferred to another city. I was a regular with my own route in a 100,000 population city. I transferred to a small city 6 routes and an auxillary. I was very fortunate that a regular carrier quit to move to Florida. Made regular in a year. Near record time for that size office. Best move I ever made. Always got at least 40 hrs, but some weeks I had to work 6 days to do it. Even crossed crafts. Buy the dog and you take the fleas I always say. Still meet up now and then with the guy who cased next to me. He tells me it is still the best place to be a carrier. After hearing some of y'alls stories I must agree with him.
08:17 PM ET (US)
keith p /m67922 ... Did you read my post? The carriers agreed to this! So what is the scam?
keith p
08:08 PM ET (US)
Boss, I have done some digging into this. Its a big scam on veteran letter carriers. We put in the years, and get shafted. The NALC and Postal service agreed to the ratio knowing full well both sides would benefit. If you get 5 CCA'S, the post office saves money because of the low wages. On the union side of it,(EVERY OFFICE), Yes, even yours, they get 5 members to join the union. More money all around. On the flip side, we are held captive at our current station. E-reassign is stagnant, and we dont get to transfer to a different city to care for ill family members, or in my case, see my grandkids grow up. Whatever the case, it's discrimination against career carriers. I say that because they are catering to CCA's, and treating the rest of us(some of you have fought for this country)like a number. I am building a case for a possible EEO. I think the ratio should be 1 to 1, and it should be brought to light and amended in the contract
Boss Basher
12:43 PM ET (US)
/m67918 Keith P: Transferring between cities has always been Touch 'N Go. I transferred twice, back in the '70s. The criterion for a transfer was Singular in nature: "HOW MUCH SICK LEAVE DO YOU HAVE?", PERIOD. If you were a Sick Leave burner, forget it. Anyway, besides that, it helped to be transferring TO a Large City, with many open positions. If you're trying to get to Mayberry (small town), why SHOULD they take you? Usually, they don't NEED any new employees. And so it went. I have not exactly kept in Touch with the process, but from what I've read, it's a shade better than ever, for the Carriers. At least someone on the Union side has been trying to gain some control over it. But it's never going to be easy. It's not there, for the Taking, EVEN if you're Discipline-Free and have a large SL balance. I knew people who were waiting to transfer to towns that Time Forgot, for over 20 years - waiting for a position to come open (meaning: waiting for someone to DIE). And they never got it.
09:27 AM ET (US)
Most carriers do not want to see a carrier from another office transfer in over one of their ptf's.
08:24 AM ET (US)
keith p /m67918 ... The career carriers voted overwhemingly for the contract. The career carriers agreed to this "scheme." You have no chance for an EEO.
keith p
10:46 PM ET (US)
Hey all. I don't want this to come off like I'm complaining. I really need some answers here. My situation is that I've been on E-reassign in the #1 slot for a city for a year. This means I'm more likely #4-#6 because of the NALC and the Postal Service agreeing to a 1 to 6 ratio(depending on station size)for transfers coming in and converting CCA's. I don't know if everyone is aware of this or not. I feel that the career carriers have been sold out by our own union. This is frustrating! I was thinking I was moving soon only to find out their little scheme. Does anyone have any ideas on how to actually get a transfer now? EEO? I guess we don't have the "hardship" policy anymore. Would be willing to exchange e-mail or phone #'s to have a conversation about this. Thank you.
06:46 PM ET (US)
If you are under 40 miles you are already getting paid more per mile than if you got the rate per mile based on actual mileage. Meaning say you were 20 miles per day and now 24.6 miles, you get paid either way for 40. Would you rather just get the 24.6? I would argue for the time it adds.

Cali, I'm already on the computer too much, maybe when I'm retired.
09:55 AM ET (US)
too bad ricky on the other site does not feel the same!
Hannah Blector
10:23 PM ET (US)
Why would you care if someone does not like your posts? In real life you would tell such a person you don't give a damn what they think. Why not here? If they express their disapproval, they took the time to read them. That is their problem.
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