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Letter Carrier Discussions

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03:45 PM ET (US)
Hersbird /m68114 ... Yes, but the issue was not whether or not it was actually interference, but the poster's claim (68112) that without that fan the series would have been tied. I disagreed, opining that without that fan Betts would have caught the ball.

IMHO, of the replays I have seen, none show anything "clearly," either way. Umpire West called interference, and the review center decided that there was not sufficient evidence to overturn the call.
03:25 PM ET (US)
/m68113 but fans are allowed to interfere on their side of the wall and that ball was over the wall and he dropped it for whatever reason so it should have been a homerun. If the fan reaches onto the field side then it's interference.

I don't care either way, but to me clearly you can see the fan 2 chairs down reaching straight down the wall and the ball is further past his hand into the hands of the guy they said "interfered" so clearly into the stands where a fan cannot interfere. The fielders are at their own risk reaching into the stands to make a catch.
Edited 10-18-2018 03:34 PM
01:14 PM ET (US)
betterdaysrgone /m68112 ... How do you figure? If it were not for that fan, Betts would have caught the ball. That being said, as a Yankee fan, I too miss the curse.
09:35 AM ET (US)
Done and out ,your lucky you had a ball hungry fan in Houston or you could be looking at a tied series. Boy do I miss the curse of the bambino!
Boss Basher
12:21 PM ET (US)
Doubly Sad, how so many people don't view SS for what it IS - as THEIR MONEY, that they and their employers paid into the SS Fund (this includes Medicare), their entire lives. Tragic, that they are SO EASILY talked out of their own money, by Goobers in the Republican Party. They decry their own safety net, at the urging of criminal politicians (I would say "Criminally Stupid", but the GOP KNOW what they are doing, and in using Disinformation in pursuing that, they reveal a certain Cleverness). Tragic, and sad.
11:51 AM ET (US)
Sad how our crooked politicians won't admit that stealing 3 trillion from social security somehow plays a part in its trouble because they have no intention on paying it back, they would rather demonize it as a flaw in socialism and screw the people who payed into it.
boston bruins
10:46 AM ET (US)
hey better days how are the yankees doing at the golf course
07:19 PM ET (US)
More importantly, Go Yankees
Boss Basher
06:59 PM ET (US)
True that. The GOP continues to try and push the Goalposts further back, and Goobers everywhere say: "Well, that's only reasonable..." - but what they are NOT aware of, is that the retirement age already HAS been pushed back (as RS says), to 67. The GOP would like to see 70 as the MINIMUM age you can retire and collect SS. They are fully aware that most people, at most jobs, simply CANNOT work that long. No one will make it. Then, all the GOP has to do is "eliminate Early Retirement (age 62) from Social Security" - which would make things totally hopeless for most Americans. They come at you in Increments. Whittle you down, to a Nub.

Betcha most of you readers DIDN'T EVEN KNOW what's already been done to the retirement ages, do ya? One thing RS left out is the Middle: Those born after December 1950 don't get full SS until 66.
Republicans Suck
04:06 PM ET (US)
Collecting full SS at 65 is only for those people born before 1937 and it's 67 for anyone born after 1960. Those born after 1960 will still be able to start collecting at 62 but the percentage they can get will lower than someone born in 1937 since they'll be collecting "early" for a 5 year period instead of 3. Another nice screw job from your friendly Republicans. Don't forget to thank them as they continually try to further hike that retirement age. This way they can pay you even less and the rich can enjoy another tax cut.
Boss Basher
01:23 PM ET (US)
I never was a Union Man, until I worked for USPS. They FORCED me to become one. And though our local Union wasn't the best, I believed in what they were doing/were there for. I will always readily admit that, without them, the job would not have been worth spit. Once I had gotten past my most Productive years - say age 40 or (certainly by) 50, they would have falsified charges against me - anything - to fire me. And there would not have been a damn thing I could have done about it. My awareness of this FACT, meant my support of our Union.
Boss Basher
01:18 PM ET (US)
Cali: That's because you are just HUMAN. And the P.O. is not a Worker-Friendly Environment. I too felt that 55 was "5 years too long", but I struggled & suffered through it. I had an excellent Attendance record, though you would never know that by the way I was treated. I left 1500 hours' SL on the workroom floor. And I paid for doing that, in the same ways. Not everyone has a Cheerful & Chipper work environment, nor an "Easy" route, with all possible Accommodations for advancing age.

WE, being USPS Unionized workers, are FAR more fortunate than many in the Private Sector. They are expected to make it to 65, and "TOO BAD!" if they have problems doing it. If they are jeopardized by a physical or mental Collapse of any kind, they are S.O.L. and get NOTHING. If 5 days' Sick Leave doesn't cover it, OH WELL -

Which is why I abandoned the Republican Party and became a declared Liberal. P.S.: The Republicans think you should work, till the day you DIE. NO retirement, for you!! Everyone who wants or needs to get Out at 50, 55, even 60 is a SLACKER and a LOSER, in their eyes. Ideology is a bitch, especially when it's applied, most Savagely, to YOU.
Cali to Colo
10:13 AM ET (US)
Although I am a freak for not lasting 30 years until full retirement, I can say my body still has issues from carrying the time that I did last /m68101. Had I tried to stay, my mind body may have been even more damaged. The two plus years I left early, well I appreciated every minute because I knew it cost me dearly.

With my across the street neighbor only being retired maybe 3 months and then her husband (please God help his rehab) has two strokes at 62, I am even more thankful I have those years retired that were productive. I was wondering if our area would get the new vehicles and if Amazon would drop off and/or if we would ever go to 5 day delivery prior to retirement. Of course not.

I was finding I was struggling to focus and remember stuff I needed to towards the end of my carrying career, so it was upsetting to struggle with that in a job that usually been mentally easily (at least route COAs etc.)
Boss Basher
08:40 AM ET (US)
We did have a Station like that, in an outlying area of our city. Everyone DREADED being Assigned there. I was Assigned there after transferring here (1980) and landed squarely on the worst String of 5 routes in the United States Of America (T6 position). It was positively laughable. 5 routes and only one vehicle. The one vehicle was used to bring out the #3 sacks (and deliver ALL the parcels) to the other routes, and the other routes were all Walk-Outs, carrying a loaded bag on your shoulder. All of those routes were hugely over-burdened, and crippled many Carriers through the years. The worst among them was over 900 stops, with screen doors, door slots and fenced-in yards. The Regular clocked it with a Pedometer at 18 miles. Totally ridiculous. P.S.: NO PLACE TO GO, for Lunch or Potty stops. NOTHING. You just had to Hold It In all day.

When I remember those days, I Thank God every day that I am Retired.
Edited 10-03-2018 08:42 AM
08:16 AM ET (US)
I’m think he did. He retired almost crippled from carrying that overburdened route. I was able to bid off that swing
after 2 months and never went back to that station.
Boss Basher
05:53 PM ET (US)
I'm sure that when he left, he DIDN'T leave the Passcodes to all those gated communities. And some poor CCA or PTF was out there, playing Blind Mans' Bluff all day long. I hate those routes that are "PTF-Proof".
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