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Letter Carrier Discussions

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Cali to Colo
11:05 AM ET (US)
Ohio, I think a lot of people in my town that are complaining about not knowing they have had a package delivered to their door and (then it is stolen) must not be even thinking about the tracking. But I know these victims use a computer because that is where I have been reading their numerous complaints. (On "Nextdoor", a forum-type neighborhood/city communication).
08:09 AM ET (US)
With most people tracking their packages there really isn't a need to knock except for the elderly people who don't use a smart phone or computer. When I knock and I see they have a dog I put my foot against the door until the remove the dog from the area.
alaska mailman
09:30 PM ET (US)
Really tough and stringy chicken
Ya Moses
07:23 PM ET (US)

What time does the mailman come? Uncle Rover says they taste like chicken.
09:10 PM ET (US)
Well if they had a dog you can be relatively sure they were not Taliban so it comes close to friendly fire.
Boss Basher
05:34 PM ET (US)
/m67343 /m67344 We'd better keep our voices down...soon we'll be hearing from the Dog Lovers Patrol in 4...3...2...1...
05:26 PM ET (US)
A couple months ago we had a carrier bit on the leg from behind and it severed his artery. He's in his 60's, tough, ex-military, took his belt and made a tourniquet. Police said it was the only thing that saved his life.

Owners kept their dog but no more mail delivery for that block of houses.
03:45 PM ET (US)
My friends son was telling a story of a tour in Afghanistan where he was up front carrying the SAW, a light machine gun but bigger than a regular automatic rifle, on a foot patrol. At first he saw a little boy peak out from a doorway, and a few seconds later from another set a out comes this dog, bearing down, teeth out growling on the squad. The LT commands, "smoke it! Smoke it!" And he rips off a burst into it killing it instantly. The boy peaks back out and he's thinking, great I just shot this kid's dog right in front of him. But the kid gives him a huge smile and a big thumbs up. Apparently that dog had been a problem for that boy at least if not probably 1/2 The village and they were glad somebody finally had a solution.
Boss Basher
11:43 AM ET (US)
/m67339 You were right, to yell at the dog. Knowing their Name is like playing the Ace of Trump - really confuses them, too. Doesn't matter if you're female; you've got to let them KNOW who the Alpha is. I was never bitten once, during my career (and carried mostly Walking routes), but I had to do Mortal Kombat with several German Shepherds, back in the Day. That was hair-raising...kicking, yelling, spraying and beating them away with a brown paper-clad Playboy magazine (remember those?). They are about the only Fearless dog there is. You'll just have to beat them off you, and it takes quite a bit. As far as physical capabilities go, I was always fearful of a Situation with a large, male Rottweiler. They are just too powerful a dog, for any one person to take on. Them, or a large Bull Mastiff. What a nightmare. But I was always lucky, in that regard. The ones I met were just not inclined to try me.

Cortez was known to have a Bull Mastiff (fighting dog), which he turned on the Natives he encountered, and that dog mauled them to death. I read several grisly accounts of this. Eventually (I think his name was Bluto), the dog tried to cross a river and the Indians peppered him with arrows, then cheered as he died.
Cali to Colo
11:31 AM ET (US)
The blood-curdling scream reaction worked to save me from a dog bite at least 6-8 times. The scream would come out faster than my brain could tell me to drop the mail and spray!
Cali to Colo
11:29 AM ET (US)
Hannah, the story with your daughter's dog is something else. I had a huge rott chase me to the door of my LLV one time. He was loose (I can't remember if he escaped from his backyard). At a minimum, I think he would have taken a chunk out of my calf had he been able to. It was the worst dog scare of my career.

The small dog bites were just stupid. I actually think one little one did get out of the front door - similar to Hersbird's concern. I don't remember! What I do remember is the needle-like small teeth penetrating my leather shoes for both bites. One dog that bit me was those mini-pinscher types. I can not tolerate those dogs to this day.
Edited 01-13-2018 11:33 AM
Hannah Blector
01:10 AM ET (US)
Cali, I don't like dogs. I act tough and scream at them like I am not afraid when they come at me. We are told not to do that, but when I act as mean as them it seems to work pretty good. Only the little dogs I haven't screamed at have bitten me. Once I saw a dog out of the corner of my eye and screamed at it. Then I felt bad because it was the cutest little dog. And it was raining and it walked with me down 2 blocks and back 2 blocks until it got back near its house.

Those rotts are scary. Once I delivered to a house and a huge Rott was in the backyard fence. It was just past the house after I delivered. It was going nuts and had its legs on top of the gate. As I got into the next yard I heard the barking getting closer. The dam thing had gotten the gate open. Because I could tell it was coming up behind me I was able to turn and face him. So I did the screaming thing. The lady owner came out and got him away from me. He may have been confused because I knew his name and was screaming at him using his name. I had never petted him or anything so he probably wondered how I knew his name.

The lady was consoling her beast like he was the victim. She asked me if I told him he was a good dog. I told her he was not a good dog because he came after the mailman.

The lady was my daughter.
Cali to Colo
11:29 PM ET (US)
"Clerk heave!" There you go. Funny.

Hersbird, I was bitten by dogs twice in my career. Both were small dogs. I had rottweilers go after me a few times. One was loose in the neighborhood and one was in a front yard, unseen by me as I entered the fenced yard. That dog was just in the yard that one day.
Hannah Blector
10:37 PM ET (US)
The safest thing to do when delivering parcels is to give them a good ol' clerk heave from 30 feet.
10:10 PM ET (US)
I know it's rare but that doesnt matter, once or twice happening is once or twice too many, and it will happen that many times every year with our parcel volume. Have you ever been bit? Like nice chunk of flesh removed, 8+ stitches, blood running down your leg or worse? In the city or in the woods, even apartments that don't allow dogs will have "companion" dogs landlords are forced to accept, dog bites happen. If you wait to get attacked before stopping the practice at just that one house is the wrong idea. Hell they would be lucky to ever get any delivery of any kind from me again at that point let alone just stop knocking. I love dogs, we have always had them, but people are careless and one bad apple spoils the barrel.

Take today for instance, I got sent back out after doing my route with 70+ parcels for another route, a walking route, I have only done a few times. You think I knocked? No way, just one in 70, even just a scare on all the ice we have, not a bite, would have been bad.
Edited 01-12-2018 10:18 PM
Cali to Colo
06:21 PM ET (US)
Hersbird, probably in the areas (more rural than my town?) you are speaking about - the customers understand the "not ringing/knocking" and never complain because they understand the dog concern.

In my town, that dog running out circumstance very rarely happens - and yet carriers are STILL just dropping off parcels. There are many complaints here about no knocks.

I would be more likely to just leave the parcel without a knock IF I had a dog chased me back to the truck etc., from a particular house. So, Hersbird, even though you explained it from your situation, in this town (at least) the fear of dogs getting you for knocking on the door is not a legit reason unless there is a previous incident at that house.

Hersbird, I doubt that the supervisors here care whatsoever if customers complain that the carriers just drop parcels because it saves the p.o. money.
Edited 01-12-2018 06:21 PM
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