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Postal Clerk Discussions

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first time, only time
07:04 PM ET (US)
About time for arbitration award for contract. I think we are going to get hammered!
01:11 PM ET (US)
/m20402 you better make sure any steward you use if certified to represent your office.
Sheryl Peavy
08:09 AM ET (US)
Thank you. There is a union steward for another office who says he will help me. Thanks for the information.
10:34 AM ET (US)
/m20399 if you get nowhere with the local president or nba you can file charges against the local union

if it were me I would mention filling charges when talking to the president and nba.
08:49 AM ET (US)
Every new quarter is a new list so senior person must be first up. This is because people can drop off or get on and so the new list is separate and different from the prior list.

First place to go is local union prez and demand contract violation be grieved. And told if they do not do it, next stop will be NBA. That will get action.

Do not toss out EEO. It’s way premature and will make union stop till that settles which could take months.
Sheryl Peavy
12:13 AM ET (US)
Recently, the past two quarters, management has been overlooking me as senior, to start the new quarter for overtime. Is there a place in the contract I can go to show that the senior persons always starts with overtime. This just started after a junior person wanted to get overtime because of going on vacation. Just need to find it in the contract. Union steward has already told me she will not represent me. I am a union member. Probably since I won a grievance against her. Maybe I should mention I'm the senior black person from the two juniors that management keeps putting first. Also won a EEO for a similar grievance of putting a junior person ahead of me.
Edited 01-06-2020 12:14 AM
82% Retired
07:15 PM ET (US)
No worries Mate. You made it past probation.
05:36 PM ET (US)
/m20395 please try to provide more information.
05:14 PM ET (US)
After your probation there should be no time or work standards. A fair days work for a fair days pay.
04:56 PM ET (US)
I am deeply concerned about losing my job because I cannot conform to speed/time regulations of a USPS PTF position. This has caused much anxiety for me over the last 11 months. I have tried everything within my power and feel as though my supervisor has made a fair share of attempts as well. I feel as though I can't possibly be the only person in USPS history that has struggled with this issue. I often feel as though I am being pulled in too many different directions at once. I was a highly functional PSE for two years plus. What on earth am I doing wrong and what can I do to improve?
82% Retired
10:41 PM ET (US)
They have changed some of the rules since I got hired and retired.
10:03 PM ET (US)
"You may be eligible to apply to become a Postal Inspector if you:
Are an American citizen between the ages of 21 and 36, or a veteran.
Currently hold a four-year degree from an accredited college or university.
Have no felony or domestic violence convictions.
Are in good physical condition.
Write and speak English clearly.
Are willing to relocate."

82% Retired
08:43 PM ET (US)
Stewie, The IS is always changing. When I hired in as a postal employee you had to be an employee to become a PI. That changed in 1990 I believe. They may have changed it back, I doubt it though. They now hire from outside. As I said you did not beat us, with the degrees, you beat other HS grads in management.
08:22 PM ET (US)
Point is, some of us don't even have HS diplomas. Few of us went to college. Not one time should we go against you guys and win. Never ever. But we do. Thankfully.

And I see no advantage to having a PI work as a grunt for a year or more. Even if you want to take a person, they must have a year of PO work to be considered. WTF? Hire them off the street already. You'd do better IMO.
Ya To It's Butt
08:03 PM ET (US)
This X-STEW appears to be a genuine butt hole who thinks he is an expert about anything he talks about.
82% Retired
07:45 PM ET (US)
Stewie, just for your information and future reference let me point out a few misunderstandings you have had all these years. I find it hard to believe you have gone this far without knowing that both FBI agents and PIs have the same education level. Bachelors degree at a minimum. Our training is somewhat different as it is tuned to postal related crimes. FBI does a wider range of statutes. Second we do not lose to arbitrators, management does. They are the ones who issue indiscipline. We file charges in us/state courts. I have a 100% arrest to conviction rate. Postal inspectors, when I was working, overall maintained a 95% arrest to conviction rate. The highest of all federal agencies. I had 13 years in the crafts. I musta picked up some real bad habits, attitudes, and worse instincts. I was always glad when an employee asked for a steward and he/she showed their ass in the interview. That way I could just terminate it. I do agree that hiring college grads off the street was a bad idea. They have no clue about how mail flows or anything else about the post office. I remember one after I had transferred over to the OIG time me and a new agent who had transferred from Social Security OIG were in the LOG watching an employee suspected of stealing. I told him the suspect was going over to that bread rack with the short trays on it. He said "okay" but made not move to follow him. When I inquired why, he said "what is a bread rack?" Well to make a short story longer we discontinued watching the employee and I held a Post Office 101 course for the next several hours.
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