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Postal Clerk Discussions

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01:11 PM ET (US)
FERS: To get your OPM check soonest, do not work, or get paid, past last day in a month. Day of PP don't matter. If your last day paid is May 31, OPM check due July 1.

CSRS can go longer. They can get paid up to June 3 and still get check July 1.

If FERS did that exact same thing, OPM check would not arrive till August 1.
12:27 PM ET (US)
the answer to the question: if you have less than 30 days hanging after you add the sick leave to your service time is should you use it up. YES or else you will lose those days of credit.
Also go to liteblue anytime to check your annuity estimate. Make a NOTE of your COMPUTATION DATE. if your computation date falls on any day prior to the 30th you may lose it all unless the sick time brings it up to 30 days. It is always best to retire near the end of a month, 28th - 31st. FERS requires one entire work free calendar month before you receive your first retirement check.
09:10 AM ET (US)
Kenn48 /m20342 ... Just to be clear, if you have less than 30 days hanging AFTER you add the sick leave to your service time.
01:47 AM ET (US)
When it comes to sick leave if you only have hours that add up to less than 30 days use it. There is a sick leave calculator that can help determine your credit.
but your sick leave credit will only add a few dollars a month to your retirement. Using it will give you full pay at time of use.
05:38 AM ET (US)
 quick question for anyone here that runs AFCS-200s at a plant.
curious if you busiest stacker is on the upper or lower tier. would usually be the local stacker.
82% Retired
11:05 AM ET (US)
It gets added to your service time for your annuity calculation. In shor it is just as if you worked that time. Your service time is added to you SL in the form of years, months, and days. As an example' your service time plus SL comes to 35 years 8 months and 21 days. The 21 days are not figured in. Only whole months. A link is OPM.gov. Get used to it. Once you retire you have nothing more to do with the PO. I hope this helps.
Jeffery Thole
10:44 AM ET (US)
Tell me what happens to our SICK LEAVE after we retire.

I am a FERS Mail Processing Clerk.
Post a link if there is info online.
07:54 PM ET (US)
Article on why the contract was voted down by the committee:


This really clears things up for me.
Deleted by author 02-19-2019 09:58 AM
04:49 PM ET (US)
/m20335 well said southernclerk.

however when a national office was from san diego I knew. but then again I could be trusted.
12:29 PM ET (US)
/m20332 /m20333 Truthfully, you are not going to get much even if you knew a national officer. This is negotiations, you never show your hand to the other side. Word gets out the more people that are privy to the information. If you want to keep a secret, you don't tell anyone. The union and the USPS will present to the arbitrator. Union does not need USPS knowing their cards beyond what they've expressed in their own sit downs. And yes, the union site is secure . .. but not that secure. And if don't think USPS doesn't have someone checking these sites daily for info . . . you are mistaken.
Agree it would be nice to hear more detail, but the price to pay is not worth it.
Its not about drinking the Kool Aid. I want the union to do the best they can do and if it means I don't need to know the details leading up, then I'm good with that. Have some trust in the process.
10:22 PM ET (US)
/m20333 /m20332

this stuff is fun for me!
10:17 PM ET (US)
/m20331 I could actually reach out to a member of the executive board if I wanted to that route. I personally feel that the rank and file should be kept informed not just some of us who are lucky enough to know a national officer. Thanks for your reply, it gave me a good laugh, for you to waste your time to post that response, I feel sorry for you.
first time,only time
08:48 PM ET (US)
So easy to tell other brothers or sisters that what they have to say is nonsense, or that they whine. After 40 years in the USPS I find people like you the most dangerous. The rank and file committee won't tell you any more than the statement that was put out. We have a members only section on the APWU web page Why not put info there, for members only, not the public. Stop drinking the cool aid! We all pay the union leaderships salaries, they work for US.
04:26 PM ET (US)
/m20330 it is nonsense that you whine here when you could contact a member of the rank and file bargaining committee.

which is what I told you on the other forum!
01:04 PM ET (US)
Negotiations are over, going to arbitration now, APWU should inform the members on what was ageed to and rejected. This is just nonsense not informing the rank and file.
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