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Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962)

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06:00 PM ET (US)
Hi Chris

I do have complete manual transmission for w121 you can have for very low price
I'm in Texas and you can contact me by email msgtech@yahoo

Thanks and good luck
Chris Voss
12:33 PM ET (US)
Calling All Pontoners! Hey everybody! My name is Chris and I am suffering from the Curse of the Hydrak. My fluid coupling is seized. Is there any remedy short of buying an entire car to part out the manual transmission. I have been able to source a used turbine/torque converter from ebay, but who knows what its functionality is. Soooo...does anyone have any leads, suggestions, or helpful commentary! Lemme know! Thanks, Chris
01:35 PM ET (US)
Thanks for all of your past comments and suggestions. We sold our 1959 190Db wagon on BAT and it was well received. My buddy and I are now looking for a 1940s-50s 170 pick up truck. If anyone knows of one we would greatly appreciate it. my best, Kirk Delman
chris watson
08:23 AM ET (US)
I have a 180 ponton into which has been fitted a 190 engine
I am told that the correct starter motor is EED 0.8/12 R30 and that it is the same starter motor for both the 180 and 190

I have an EEF 0.8/12 R2 which I am told comes out of a late style 220b/Sb/Seb

MY QUESTION - is it compatable or is this the reason that it has chewed up the starter ring and now fails to start the car at all ???
Deleted by author 04-30-2020 11:20 AM
Jim Gubbins
06:22 PM ET (US)
Hello, Does anyone have, or know the whereabouts of, a headrest for a 1959 220S cabriolet ?
04:56 AM ET (US)
I have a 220s with a dc alternator. I would like to replace this with a direct current alternator. But it must not be too large in diameter. Now I've heard that older Denso alternators fit in a pontoon. Who has already made the appropriate modification.
Kind regards
david D
02:24 PM ET (US)

Hi Group the Grinch stole Christmas
Bad knock resulted in # 5 cylinder being shot on my 220 1959 W180
Need parts for a rebuild and suggestions. Anyone have a good engine ?
Thanks on & all Happy New Year
03:32 AM ET (US)
hi livelarg,I can see if the part is available in France but i should know what is the exact model of carb ...
françois ,w180 coupé 1958
09:47 PM ET (US)
Need a carb, or parts of a carb.

I was rebuilding my carb, and a some parts got misplaced. the parts that are gone are the little levers on the side.

It doesnt need to be a salvageable carb, just one with the outside complete.

Anyone know where I can find one?

Also, has anyone converted to a weber or anything?

Ingemar Berndtsson
04:44 AM ET (US)
To Leon Glasgow,

I recommend a German Company: Werner Karasch in Gelsenkirchen. They sell only quality products. https://www.karasch-mb.com/
Leon Glasgow
11:12 PM ET (US)
Hello. I am looking for a set of first size overhaul pistons for our 1959 220s. Would really appreciate any ideas where I might find them. Thanks Leon Glasgow
12:34 PM ET (US)

hello tout le monde, je voudrais faire faire les deux pièces mobile du réglage de l'inclinaison du dossier de ma W180 coupé par une imprimante 3D en ABS ou autre plastique très dur , le coût serait de 100€ pour une paire sachant que les frais fixes sont de 60€ mais si quelques personnes sont intéressées cela reviendrait peu cher....je lance donc un appel pour des précommandes afin de faire établir un devis qui sera communiqué à tous ;je me chargerais des envois mais le prix du port sera à la charge de l'acheteur;
merci d e votre retour pour ce projet, amicalement,

hello everyone, I would like to make the two moving parts of the seat adjuster LHS and RHS of the backrest of my W180 cut by a 3D printer in ABS or other very hard plastic, the cost would be 100 € for a pair knowing that the expenses fixed are 60 € but if some people are interested it would be cheap ... I therefore call for pre-orders to establish a quote that will be communicated to all ;I would handle shipments but the price of the shipping will be at the expense of the buyer....
thank you for your return for this project, friendly, françois
David Everett
02:53 PM ET (US)
I am considering installing an OM617 into my '61 190D. (W121). Does anyone have experience with this? Can it be bolted to existing transmission? Is there another manual transmission that will work (5 speed), or would it have to be an automatic? Potential pitfalls?
Leon Glasgow
01:51 AM ET (US)
Can anyone tell me what the torque specs. are for a 58 220s. There are small Allen heads and 4 larger ones at front and rear. Is there a proper sequence for tightening?
Don French
08:54 AM ET (US)

Geow - Here is a picture of the dash of a 190 B. The switches / knobs from left to right are Wiper - Fan - Starter Button - Choke - Dash Lights - Ignition - Lighter - Ashtray. The fan switch controls 1 or 2 fans. There may be 1 or 2 fans, located in the air ducts under the hood. Often these ducts, made of fiberboard, rotted and are now missing along with the associated fan.
Edited 09-16-2019 08:57 AM
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