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Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962)

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01:56 PM ET (US)
John De-
Did you remove the original fuel pump when you installed the electric (in line) fuel pump?
Thought I'd tell you I bought the Mercedes door stripping. Boy was it expensive. It fit right in though. It took a while for it to shape itself to the doors.
John De
09:42 AM ET (US)
Does anyone know where I can get aftermarket door weatherstripping?
John De
04:19 PM ET (US)
For those with starting problems, I replaced the original fuel pump with an electric pump, 4-7 psi, now it starts every time even if I leave the car for days. It also took care of the fuel starvation problems I was having when accelerating, not original but it did take care of my problems.
philip langlois
04:29 PM ET (US)
Joe, I have some rebuilt and/or tested starters. Contact me at philiplanglois@ymail.com with the number inscribed on your starter case. It is stamped into the metal. Also need your address/phone number. Phil
Joe Stevens
01:22 PM ET (US)
I am looking for a starter for a 1955 6cyl gasoline engine. This engine in in my 1958 220S sedan. I am told the existing starter is damaged and cannot be rebuilt. I would purchase either a rebuilt starter or one suitable for rebuilding. Any lead as to possible source for this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
philip langlois
09:45 AM ET (US)
Jim, I have some handles. do you need the wire and rubber standoffs as well? email me off line @ philiplanglois@ymail.com
Jim Vargo
08:35 AM ET (US)
I am looking for an interior door handle. My car is a 220SE 4 door and need the left front handle. Anyone have one for sale?

Thank you, Jim Vargo
Edited 10-02-2018 08:36 AM
09:46 AM ET (US)
sorry about my spelling-- geez--WORN
05:34 PM ET (US)

warn picture
05:32 PM ET (US)

Thanks for the help! I got advice that the attachment hole on my gearbox is warn. When I was checking this on the car the cable was loose even though the fastening was tight. Attached are two pictures. The first 'called warn" shows a wear ring on the inside of the receiving hole in the transmission. You have to look closely.
The second picture is of a spare aluminum transmission end plate I have, showing a clean smooth hole. (called 'not warn" and has a blue flashlight in the picture)

So when I took the cable end piece and put it into the "not warn" end plate, it sits in the hole firmly and doesn't move around. It'll be even better when the screw is in place.

My plan is to put the spare endplate onto the existing gearbox. and this should fix my problem. I can pull the cable out of the housing so I should be able to put a generous amount of graphite into the cable. ( I did try greasing it earlier but the graphite should be better)

OK! Thanks so much! Angus
Edited 09-22-2018 05:33 PM
05:11 PM ET (US)
Angus, we had the same problem with the speedo of Abel, our 1957 220S. I already had fitted a new cable and so that could not be the problem. I had inspected the worm gear when the gear box was open and that all looked in great condition. So I sent the speedo to our expert company in New Zealand who also does aeronautical instruments and was told that the speedo contains magnetised discs that lose their magnetism over time. They send mine to the workshops of Air New Zealand who re-magnetised the discs (I have not seen the discs so just take their word for it). This made quite a difference but it is not perfect - apparently it is hard to re-magnetise old discs. I decided to leave it as it is - not sure what else we could do and as we are always driving with our Garmin DPS is does not worry us. Suggest you accept the problem.
Jim Vargo
08:05 AM ET (US)
Angus, Try putting a generous amount of graphite lubricant inside the sheath that the cable is encased in. That has worked for me for a similar problem.
07:40 PM ET (US)
My speedometer needle is erratic as hell. At low speed it seems to work but at higher speeds it starts jumping around.
I took the cable out and inspected. Looks fine not worn or spun. (replaced with a old spare same results)
Took the speedo out of dash , ran it with a drill motor, works fine .
I have the tranny out right now. Should I take apart the bronze worm gear? Does anyone have any experience with this? Hard to believe the worm could wear out.
Jeff Miller
06:31 AM ET (US)
Pontons did not come with power seats.
John De
10:28 AM ET (US)
I have a 1959 220s I just purchased which has power seats, did this model come with power seats, if so where can I get info
Deleted by author 08-31-2018 05:34 AM
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