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Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962)

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02:42 PM ET (US)
Interior rear view mirror? Is just the mirror glass available?
How about the exterior mirror glass on the fender?

Thanks in advance
09:01 PM ET (US)
Just to share our driving experiences with the twin Solex to Weber conversion for 6-cylinder Pontons. In 2014 we converted the Solexes of our 1957 220S Ponton with a JAM Engineering twin-Weber 32/36 DGV kit. We have driven now over 71,000 miles through north-central and south America, often on gravel roads towing a 1,600lbs tent-trailer. Reached (no trailer) 13,882ft in the Andes using larger air jets - a great feature of Weber, noting that our target height is 16,400ft required to cross the high passes in Bolivia and we are confident the car with the Webers will do that. Never had a problem with the Webers - really easy to tune and maintain. Some additional info/tips: we always use Lucas upper-cylinder lubricant and when opening the carbs last week they still looked like new as did the tank and the fuel hoses we replaced a few days ago. Originally we had problems in the US with the 15% alcohol in the fuel but after making a return fuel line we had no more problems, not even in Brazil with 28% alcohol. The return fuel line incorporates a fuel pressure reducing valve set at 1.6psi (at the carb) to take pressure of system, but 4psi works fine as well. Highly recommended conversion. Please follow us on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ClassicStrider
Edited 02-28-2018 05:45 AM
Julian gibson
04:08 PM ET (US)
Hello everyone ,
I,m looking for a 180 d engine or slightly more cc to go in a land rover series 1 i drove an ex belguim police series 1 with this engine in and thort how much quitier it is to the land rover diesel i,m based in the uk
05:42 AM ET (US)
Hello everyone,
I have a 1957 220S and would like to try and restore the windscreen washers. I have been unable to find any information on them, so if someone could help in regards as to how they work it would be appreciated. The plunger inside the car appears to be complete but there is also wiring to the unit, so I am interested to find out how they work. Just removing the bottle/pump looks a challenge as the fuse panel appears to be in the way and it is not in the easiest place to work.
Dorren Jackson
10:34 AM ET (US)
many thnks Jeff, will try him.....
Regards, Dorren
Jeff Miller
06:09 AM ET (US)

See the Links page for vendors of Mercedes-Benz parts.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Center
Authentic Classics
Jeff Miller
06:07 AM ET (US)

I suggest contacting Graham van Heerden.

See this link.
Dorren Jackson
02:31 AM ET (US)
Hello All,
          Bit mystified by my 1958 220S VIN number : AAP 0611270590648, Engine number V0610590648 ?? Believe the car came from Kenya into South Africa at some stage.
  I take the opportunity to wish all forum members a Peaceful Xmas and a Prosperous motoring New year in 2018..
 Dorren Jackson
06:59 PM ET (US)
Hello Guys,

Im Michael from the philippines. I'm currently "restoring" a 180d ponton. I need emblem for the front and trunk, can you help me find one?
12:48 PM ET (US)
Hi Gang,

I would like to remove my gas tank for cleaning. Anything special that I should know?
Also the water pump leaking between the pump and the block. Anthing unusual here?

02:49 PM ET (US)
Hi Kirk-
I own a 1962 BINZ wagon. Here's some prices I've seen: recently on Hemmings-- 40,000 looked pretty clean but the pictures were distant. EBAY-- one "barn find" went for 20,000 unrestored. I saw a clean one on EBAY for 60,000 but I don't know the final price. "Bring a trailer" has had one too. I think the German Market would bring more money. As far as myself-- its staying in the garage forever! Angus
03:06 PM ET (US)
Hello Everyone,

What are Ponton owners using for seat belts these days? I bought from Andover Restraints in the past but can't get ahold of them now.

Jeff, Thanks for the last answer. I'm picing up a nice 219 survivor in a couple of weeks and I'll send photos.

Jeff Miller
05:15 AM ET (US)
There is not a separate service manual for the 219.

Check this link

Service Manual Model 190 (SM-1207-000). All Ponton owners need this 992 page manual because it contains repair instructions for all models in the range. No longer available (NLA) in print from OEM sources. Original MB Service Manuals are sometimes available from on-line auction sites and book vendors.

The manual/s are available in electronic form here
05:16 AM ET (US)
Good Morning Group,

I'm looking for a service manual for the w105 219 models. Any out there for sale?
06:56 PM ET (US)
Hi everyone,
My partner and I will be finished restoring our 1959 190Db wagon and am trying to determine a fair market value.
We have emailed Hagerty, a couple of mbz sites, Jay Leno's garage, Wayne Carini, without any luck. If you have suggestions or opinions for where I should go, I would greatly appreciate the information.
Thank you,
08:03 PM ET (US)
Hi I am new on this board. I am no stranger to Mercedes cars. I finally finished restoring my 1983 280SL 5 speed and enjoying it for a change. I just sold "my mistake" I made 6 years ago which was an Alfa Romeo Spider and relieved of that. With that car gone from my life, I am looking to eventually fill its gap with another Mercedes. I have already owned a W126 sedan, a W123 240D sedan and now I have 2014 C250 as an everyday driver. Recently I have come across a very solid 1960 190D sedan with a manual transmission that runs and drives. No rust, a good driver type presentable car. Brakes have recently been redone for one. I didn't get to drive the car where it was at as I was hurrying due to the hurricane threat in my area! I am okay and my cars are as well, and the 190D did not get flooded at the showroom where it is at. I really like this car, but I want to know more and what I am up against owning one of these.

The oldest Mercedes my family ever owned was a 1975 240D manual, I understand the slowness of old Mercedes diesels and that this one WILL be slow. I do understand this car will not be the same kind of car as my 280SL. No power steering, power brakes, air conditioning (which is almost a necessity in TX) and of course the quickness. I do have a few questions and I am asking for guidance as well.

How available are parts and where? I understand these engines are bulletproof and reliable? I read one source these are 4 speed manuals on the column, the advertisement says 3 speed manual? How durable are these cars overall and can they be driven on short trips to car shows? 300 mile trip in one day would be the most. Being a 1960 model, how different is it from other old cars such as American? Are they fairly straight forward to work on and service? The seats are covered in plastic and look nice. Steering wheel needs refinishing. Car belongs to an older gentleman and has a US dept of defense sticker on the windshield. I can probably buy this car between the 10-11K mark. Little things need to be done, bumper is off center a bit and hubcaps need refinishing. When things calm down I will probably go test drive it.

Sorry for all of the questions, but this is a bit of unchartered territory for me. Part of me says pass the car up, the other says get me information and do it if it feels right! Thanks and look forward to comments, Paul in Texas
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