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What works in preparing for the Expert Field Medical Badge

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James P. Often
09:54 AM ET (US)
The EFMB Test Control Office has developed a study guide for the EFMB. You can get information about the study guide and updated information on AKO at MEDKN (Army Medical Knowledge Network)$p=140048
James P. Often
11:50 PM ET (US)
EFMBprep has moved to a new website. There have been many improvements over the old version.
06:04 AM ET (US)
Is it mandatory that a medic goes to EFMB? And if not what can that medic do if they are being forced to go.
James Often
10:22 AM ET (US)
Due to the new skill set for 91W; changes are coming soon to the EFMB program and DA Pam 40-20. These changes will take effect 1 Oct 03
SFC Mullis
04:05 PM ET (US)
How did the 1AD EFMB fair?
08:34 AM ET (US)
1AD's EFMB starts today. Asking around we've got about 50% of soldiers that don't want to be here...I see all those people failing the written test...we'll see!!
Clark, R.
10:32 AM ET (US)
I earned my EFMB at B.K. in Germany back in 1994 as a SPC. I recieved no tain-up. My PSG actually came up to me four days before the competition and told me that I was going. I was a new 91B from AIT who was previously in the Marines. I did not even get and study guide or packing list. I contrubute my first time go because of not learning quick methods yet. My Marine training assisted
with the field portion. I believe that God helped me finish all the tasks with first time go!
SFC Mullis
11:38 PM ET (US)
SPC Jackson,
Make sure you look at current Army FM's and TM'S. The Reg on Field San changed and some of the online test questions are not up to date. Download a current Study guide from the EFMB web site. I updated the Field San and posted it about a month ago. Study the Field San, NBC and FM 8-10-6, those are the areas soldiers usually do poorley in on the written exam.

SFC Mullis
Deleted by topic administrator 01-01-2003 10:23 AM
SPC Jackson
08:44 AM ET (US)
Preciate it!!!!!!
Got EFMB coming up in June here in Germany.
11:13 PM ET (US)
SPC Jackson
07:44 AM ET (US)
Does anyone know where online they have practice tests or previous tests?? I havnt had a chance to look at a efmb practice test yet.
SPC Newman
11:19 PM ET (US)
There was a comment made saying that the EFMB was voluntary and yet troops are forced to go to the train up and the test week. Remember that to get the badge is voluntary but when you are sent to train in the field that is not voluntary. Your PSG can send you out to train. So just look at it as a short field problem. And if you get it then you never have to go back.
SFC Mullis
08:53 AM ET (US)
The Test Board makes the call as far as candidates staying after they fail a lane. Some units can't support that many soldiers. Sometimes those candidates that have already failed become destractors for the valid candidates. Do we really want those soldiers that don't want the Badge right along those that do? Soldiers are intimidated by this badge and that's where the NCO'S come in! Time and time again I see candidates that earn the Badge say my CSM,1SG or Platoon Sgts trained me to the standard. We as NCO'S must set up training to cover all the areas within the EFMB program. Did you train your soldier on land nav-make up practice wt-road march-alot of the task come right out of the CTT manuel. Recommend the training to the Commander and most of them will support with a proper training plan.
Richard Rood
03:40 PM ET (US)
Training is the key you are all right, no matter what era you are from. Two points I would like to make are that TO&E -vs- TDA have nothing to do with who earns the badge. The actual earning of the badge is the individual who can meet the stringent standards and attention to detail of the EFMB test. The individuals with the greatest success rate are the soldiers who pick the manual up a month prior to training and study the standards in depth for preparation. I have a philosphy that if soldiers know that there is such high failure rate for this coveted badge than they will not put effort forth to train for it out of fear of failure. In concurrence with a good company training program for hands on experience, the pass rate would increase across the board. Lastly, pass or fail this is a good opportunity for soldiers to practice their respective skills, each and every soldier should be mandated to stay until the test is complete, pass or fail.
SFC Mark Mullis
11:01 AM ET (US)
Testing for the EFMB Badge is suppose to be volunteer, but everyone knows this is not the case. Commanders send soldiers regardless. Soldiers from the MSB, FSB and support units within Divisions don't fare as well as the other candidates for several reasons. The Meddac,Armor, and Infantry Medics typically have a higher pass rate. Most Discom soldiers complain they stay on support missons and are not motivated to earn the badge along with other issues. Nothing in the DA PAM states that you can't keep the candidates out at the test site for the entire train and test period thats the Host Units decision. You could let the candidate know at the end of the road march wheter he passed or failed but then how would you conduct the rebuttal board/retesting? Some site would have 300+ soldiers on the road march(I would hate to have to support that monster) SOLDIERS THAT FAIL TESTING CANNOT BE USED AS CASUALTIES per the DA PAM. Motivation is very much a factor! I agree that you must want the badge! Do we know of anyone that has earned it that really didn't want it? When I state that training is the key I am assuming that the training is coupled with the motivation that the soldier really wants to pin this badge on their chest. The pass rates would be much higher if we only tested volunteers like we are suppose to do.
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