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sai baba - anti christ?

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Anthony Thomas
02:25 AM ET (US)
August 19th, 2001

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A LIST OF WEBSITES dedicated to the expose of the real truth about sai baba.
















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Go to 'Summary of The Findings' and one can on the bottom of that page download The Findings version March 24, 2000.

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04:31 PM ET (US)
Anne's Rules For Recovery For Ex Ardent Devotees

Anne came from a Christian cult and would be glad to correspond with anyone who wants to share. The 'wave thing' that Anne writes about is a form of the emotional pain than can be felt physically.
Kind regards, Andries K.D.


This is NOT the way I did my recovery, it is more the way I WISH I'd done it... but I did catch on eventually. If I had it to do over I would:

 1) Give myself plenty of time & space to grieve my losses. When you leave a cult you leave behind something that was a huge part of you daily life, thoughts, emotions and actions. Not to mention all of the relationships that are suddenly severed. When all that is gone, there is an immense void. Don't be quick to try to stuff something else into it. Don't censor your own feelings. Grief hurts, but it heals, and it diminishes over time.

2) Take the time to realign my beliefs. This works better when the grief is not so acute. Bring everything you were taught out into the light and examine it. A journal comes in handy. Look at every so-called truth you accepted in the cult, item by item. Ask: Do I still believe this? Why or why not? What is wrong with this belief? How has holding this belief affected my life, and does it still have power over me? Is there some real truth that this belief distorts? Where can I go for more information on this issue so I can decide for myself?

3) Consciously place the cult experience into the context of my life. What inner needs (if any) drew me to the group? Is it part of a larger pattern in my life that needs to be changed? (Note this is not true of everyone who has been in a cult, but for me it definitely was.) What did I learn from this experience? What good things have come out of it? How will I use what I've learned?

4) Not allow my heart to get hardened; for then the cult truly does win! Learn to forgive, and that forgiveness and acceptance are not the same thing.

I don't know if any of this will help with the wave thing. That may just be the way you as an individual experience grief. Be very patient with yourself -- as others have said, it takes much time. 20 years later I still deal with it from time to time. Good has definitely come from it, as I am able to help some others now.

Love, Anne
Anne Briggs <ABriggs@IOL21.com>
Edited 08-18-2001 04:35 PM
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Anthony Thomas
10:51 AM ET (US)
Re putaipandit post 1604). I personally don't agree with you that the message was just saying "Life is a struggle between the forces of dark and light, good and evil. "
I found much more in that post. Also he was quoting someone else. And, although personally I enjoy a simple way of expressing things, I do understand that we are all different. Some people need things expressed in a way they can accept more readily. Some people need a perfect technical understanding, others an intellectual approach, some pure simplicity. Some people don't need words at all and experience truth through the energy of something.

Aura re 1618
You have made a good point and I have been thinking for some time that more needs to go up on a website about how ex devotees can handle leaving. I have asked on odd occasions for people to submit their stories of how they have managed with this, but it hasn't produced much. Pity, as I think it would really help. It is a major area to assist with.

There was a thing up on Keenan's website about using universal law to do it. I gave it to some ex's and they found it extremely effective. I have a copy of it still from that board. I will send it to the Sunrise website and see if they want to put it up. I hadn't sent it before, because it is a bit unusual. But if it works, what the heck!

Perhaps people don't feel they have much to contribute on this, but every tiny bit will help. I recall on the board at Keenan's time, a chap called Peter put a great handling technique up. It wasn't related to another guru or religion. I agree that we do need to be careful we don't lead people into another cult's techniques. However, surely things like visualising flooding one's aura with light can't be deemed 'cultish.'

Possibly the first thing is to realise is the action of leaving is not bad in any way. People are leaving a physical identity and going straight to God/Source/Creator instead. A true God would naturally always be in agreement with going direct to Source/God/Creator. Even if God happened to be incarnated, from 'his' point of view there would be no difference whatsoever is making our divine connection in a straight line to the source of creation- instead of via an incarnated 'source of creation.'

We need to take our power back and take responsibility for our own lives -from the perspective of being part of the Creator consciousness and make a pure universal connection again to the divine source of the universe - however each person sees that.

Early on, while the whole thing is being processed and people are trying to get out of his energy, I think it is a good idea to realise there is an energy link to him via the use of his name, ash, books and picture. Personally, I would suggest getting rid of the lot and not to just put it in a drawer. And don't use his name. Find another name, preferably not giving him any reverence or power, if you have to discuss him. And while discussing him, stay detached and don't make any connection to him.
This is not for anyone to have fear of him, for truly he is nothing - unless he can incite the fear of the wrath of God into you. Light is senior to everything. With a pure intention of light in your heart, he is as an ant underfoot. Totally powerless. NOTHING IS STRONGER THAN LIGHT and in that light, we are invincible.

We have no doubt whatsover that sb is extremely rich and being given tons of money all the time by the rich devotees he has control over.
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