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Tiki King
01:05 PM ET (US)
 Just a note to invite you all to check out the Ukulele section of my website. http://www.tikiking.com/uke-stuff.html

See you There!
Marian Bumala
04:18 PM ET (US)
You're right! My apologies; you have them all! BTW, I really like the fact that you post messages about various groups which utilize ukuleles in their music. I always check out the links to those; I hope Waste of Aces comes to our area!
Mark Frauenfelder
12:02 PM ET (US)
Hi Marian -- I do have links to Jim Beloff's site! Look at the picture of the Fluke on the right. Jim and Liz's site is the first one.
Marian Bumala
03:57 PM ET (US)
Actually, you have links to pretty much all my favorite sites except Jim Beloff's, I think. His is at flea-mkt-music.com, but you probably already know that. Aside from Ukulelia and Jim Beloff's site, I like the Ukulele Diner, the Ukulele Hall of Fame, the Ukulele Freedom Front (very quirky!) and Roy T. Cone's page (lots of cool ukes to drool over).
Mark Frauenfelder
12:08 PM ET (US)
Hi Marian - thanks for the kind words about my article. What are the other ukulele websites you check out? I'd be interested in adding them to my list.
Marian Bumala
12:05 PM ET (US)
Wonderful article! I had the pleasure of attending one of Jim and Liz's workshops three weeks after buying a uke from Ebay on a whim. I was already obsessed with the little thing; I couldn't put it down & played it every day till my fingers hurt. After the workshop, though, it became a full-fledged addiction. There is something truly inspiring about seeing a room full of people of all ages and walks of life strumming along in harmony (mostly!) and grinning ear-to-ear while they do it. Now, I own a Fluke of my own and play it every day. I check out all the ukulele websites and check in with some of them (Ukelelia included) every day. What is with this thing, anyway? I don't get it, but I love it!!
Mark F.
06:09 PM ET (US)
Good question! They have a leisure section in the back, so I figured, what the hell. And the editor (Russ Mitchell), said he loved the idea. And I love Russ, too.
Cory Doctorow
03:23 PM ET (US)
What a great piece! How the hell did you talk B2.0 into running it, though?