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bill daulPerson was signed in when posted
06:05 AM ET (US)
long live eLearning Forum
Jay Cross
02:04 AM ET (US)
Whoa! This is still alive? More than 10 years. Woot!
Resala Soft
08:29 AM ET (US)
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01:41 AM ET (US)
FREE Online Programming Mentoring Site. is a free site where you can learn various programming and website development topics.
We provide trainings for free, provide personal mentoring for the students, and
help those interested in finding jobs.
03:31 PM ET (US)
We just launched this new live knowledge hub. We believe that face-to-face learning and group work should always be in the core of learning process. Looking forward to get some feedback.
Thanks, Shoham.

Here is a link to the website:
and to a specific group for live discussions on the topic (we will try to join any live meetings you will post):
12:00 PM ET (US)
i want to know how i use elearning
bheemaPerson was signed in when posted
12:55 AM ET (US)
eLearning Forum members Heather Cole and Jane Knight have just released the inaugural edition of the European eLearning Directory 2003. Members looked through an advance copy at our September session in Menlo Park.

The Directory lists the primary clients, size, services, and differentiation of more than 300 vendors in Europe.
08:25 PM ET (US)
Can anyone tell me how many hours of narration would be required for 9 hrs of WBT?
11:49 PM ET (US)
The best way to conserve resources is to use a tool that literally
redefines learning management systems (LMS). If you want to expand your knowledge as much as you possibly can, try using a very useful tool to keep you on track as your skills progresses.
It is the perfect answer to every RTO's online challenge. Simple to use and robust in ability, it delivers the online function that is a must in adult education. Been using this LMS system for quite sometime.. Just want to share it with you guys
09:03 PM ET (US)
Hi to evertbody,
If you are living in greece , you can visit this web site about e-Learning Μαθήματα Πληροφορικής Μαθήματα Αγγλικών Επιμόρφωση Εκπαιδευτικών
Thanks Mike
07:05 PM ET (US)
Hello,every body

I want to make Announcement here about my elearning forum in TVET Portal website maybe someone visit it to exchang our Experience in field of CMS and LMS (Content Management System and Learning Management System)
the link is :
08:36 PM ET (US)
How are you doing?
I am a master student in Charles University Prague
I am doing a survey for my thesis. The scope is reality of e-learning in higher education environment.
I really appreciate it if you can fill it in.
This is the link:

Thank you very much for your help and really appreciate if you can share this survey to others students.

Irmawan R
10:04 AM ET (US)
Does anyone here know of a good tool that would allow students who log on to a training webinar to have access to thier own virtual environments to install and configure software applications? I could use VMware for the virtual environments but I don't know how each student would access their own vm. I was intending on using live meeting for the webinar.

Edited 01-06-2009 10:05 AM
07:05 PM ET (US)
this topic for tests cars
02:10 AM ET (US)
Here is a review from a teacher who uses Gogrok as a e-teaching aid:

As a teacher, Gogrok has helped me a lot on distance learning. When my students have questions on software usage or study subjects, I can easily operate on their computers through Gogrok to show them what to do or to solve their problems. For some class projects like web design, website development, and video editing, I can work through Gogrok with its remote desktop function to show the students the steps they need to know. The greatest part of Gogrok is its real-time interaction. The students can give their feedback to me right away during demonstration so that I am able to offer more detail or further instructions. I has benefited as well from the convenience of Gogrok when I am teaching electromagnetism. The students can now understand the operating procedures through online learning with Gogork. I concluded that Gogrok is a good remote desktop connection tool. It's my perfect teaching aid and makes my classes run smooth. Furthermore, Gogork has made online learning with more possibilities.

hope this will be helpful! :)
02:08 AM ET (US)
Here is a new collaboration freeware for E-Learning called Gogrok ( It enables users to have remote access capability while calling from Skype. If you are already a Skype user or considering adopting Skype as your E-Learning tool, Gogrok will be a good choice for you.

The difference between Gogrok and other real-time interactive software is its co-edit ability. Gogrok users can share almost any type of applications (word documents, excel, power point slides, web browser, AutoCAD drafts, an installation file for a hardware….etc, you name it!) to the people on their Skype contact list and work on it together. If you select a single file to work on, you and the people you invite will see the same file at the same time. Once you grant the editing right to the guests and then the real-time collaboration starts. If you select to share your desktop to the guests, they will see what you see on your computer screen at the same time.

The real-time co-editing ability makes the leaning process with more accessibility. Most of the remote desktop connection software are not very user-friendly in user interface design. But Gogrok is different because it aims at general users. You don’t have to be a computer geek to know how to operate this software. Gogrok allows you to work, share, or demonstrate on your computer with other people within only a few clicks.

If you want to know more about what Gogrok can do for you, visit Gogrok website: or search “Gogrok” on any search engine.
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