Regulating Altered States Regulating Altered States QuickTopic <![CDATA[Larry Vict... | Re the total views and unique viewers - there is a note...]]> 2001-03-10T08:20Z <![CDATA[Jamie | Hello Larry and Michael, just got on to peruse the disc. so...]]> 2001-03-09T16:35Z <![CDATA[Michael | It's too late to start this. I noticed some orange text in...]]> 2001-03-09T05:24Z <![CDATA[Larry Vict... | Again, Michael, I fully agree with you that it often is a...]]> 2001-03-08T17:33Z <![CDATA[Michael | Carrying the tool analogy further - there are at least 100...]]> 2001-03-08T04:35Z <![CDATA[Larry Vict... | I don't want to fill this dialog space up with all my items,...]]> 2001-03-07T07:21Z <![CDATA[Larry Vict... | There is much meat in Michael's item. I will respond to it...]]> 2001-03-07T07:11Z <![CDATA[Michael | NUET (Larry, is this your "altered" ego?), I'm not sure...]]> 2001-03-07T05:03Z <![CDATA[Larry Vict... | Maybe we should stop referring to "altered" states, which...]]> 2001-03-06T16:13Z <![CDATA[NUET | Might a team invent codes to indicate their mental states,...]]> 2001-03-06T06:08Z <![CDATA[Larry | Michael, I chose this topic as a practical query, although...]]> 2001-03-06T06:05Z <![CDATA[Larry | Albert, I like the Emily Dickenson quote: "IS IT OBLIVION...]]> 2001-03-06T05:54Z <![CDATA[Michael | I may as well get my feet wet. The question is "What if your...]]> 2001-03-06T03:39Z <![CDATA[JJSCHWALM | "IS IT OBLIVION OR ABSORPTION WHEN THINGS PASS FROM OUR...]]> 2001-03-06T01:59Z <![CDATA[NUET | Just testing the waters. What if your normal state is...]]> 2001-03-05T18:06Z