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Fan Predictions for Passions

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10:45 PM ET (US)
in 2008 the ending was too confusing i see it on youtube i hate the ending
  real life story lines if alstier did kill himself then his serects/past would come that he blackmailed others to do his dirty/bad work then luis/shardon would end up together little martin
tabitha in real life there is one with magic powers to do bad or good that was some twist we see tabitha day dreaming about timmy we hear timmy vioce at the end
we didn't get to see martin/karthin come back-unresolved story line
un-real/unresolved story lines tabitha/kay/endor been witches
 where did martin/karthin disapear to?
 who blackmailed who to do their dirty work and then get exposed like who shot julian crane in 2002 or who behind the boat explone that shardon/ luis were on in 2001
 or had a fake blood test done like chad while he wanted to find who his mum/dad are
04:28 PM ET (US)
Okay so i was off by a bit in my last prediction, but not by a whole lot. So what do we all think of the Allistar in a coma SL. Pretty sure he isnt gonna stay that way for long. G'z harmony has no bad guys now.

So here's what im thinking. There is no way that Ethan and Gwen will move to India. Okay, b/c that would defeat the whole G/T/E SL we have watched for the past 6 yrs!! Too Simple. Gwens secret will come out eventually and OMG..Why isnt theressa carying a recorder? How many times has Gwen confessed now. I hope this ones over soon

Im so likin Kay and Fox AND Tabbi! I thought tabbi was the BAD witch. Whats up with her trying to help Kay? I thought that was Endora's job. Oh well, i just hope with Miguel coming home, This doesnt take a ridiculous turn. If kay goes back to him, I would love to slap her. Hello, yes he is the father of your daughter, but c'mon hes been gone since ya were like 16! Pretty sure thats a dead beat if ya ask me.

Chris and Sheridan are the worst couple in Passions history. I Mean worse than Julian and Tabbi. They are boring as ol heck. I cant wait for Sheridan to find Luis when she goes lookin for marty. Cuz ya know hes supposed to be back this year. And C'mon get Chris secret out now! I wonder if he helped in some way with Luis Kidnaping and didnt realize it or something like that.

HMM... Jessica, Jessica, Jessica..Die! Im tired of watching "Oh spike go away", wait ill come with you. And there is no way that they can make spike into the good guy now. He was scum even b4 he was allistars dirty man.

Noah and Dear Fancy. Um even though the two of them are a sappy luis and Sheridan SL all over again, Rich girl, poor boy, they're cute. Mya's back now, and we know that there was a shooting and noah didnt call for help. I think this could be a FF SL if ya ask me.

Martin and Katherine and Pilar.. PLEASE!!! I think Pilar should give her head a shake then lay a good ass woopin into Both of them and send them back to Mexico.. NOT Good Actors. Horrible.

And last but not least, who tried to kill alistar? and oh im soo not surprised by omg. Its rachael!!

thats all for now folks
12:41 AM ET (US)
02:44 AM ET (US)
Now that all the excitement's done with....back to regular me...

Lmao @ square peg in a round hole...I swear...If Ethan pushes then pulls Theresa ONE MORE TIME......I'll personally fly myself from New York to L.A, find the set of Passions, get a role as a maid in the Crane Mansion or someone close to Ethan and Theresa, then Slap the CRAP OUTTA HIM! Then I'll walk over to Senorita INSECURE (in love with Theresa secretly) Gwen, then SLAP THE CRAP OUTTA HER!

And what the HECK was that about when Sheridan hugged the guy thinking it was Luis??? HELLOOOOOOO! LOOK AT HIS FACE, YOU IGNORANT WOMAN!

...AND I AM THRU....WELL 4 NOW........
02:32 AM ET (US)
OMGGGG!!!! I've been looking for this website for like 2 years!!! I used to be a regular in here crackin jokes on the Gwens, Luises, Theresazz...THE WHOLE DANG CAST!
05:30 PM ET (US)
Is anyone here sick of Gwen? She is completely sick with her "I want us to stay like this forever...I'm afaid Theresa is going to swoop in and take all of this away from me...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!" to Gwen...all of it belongs to Theresa anyway. Ethan loves her, Little Ethan is her son (and I believe Ethan is the father) and Jane is hers with Ethan. Where exactly does Gwen fit in? Talk about being a square peg in a round hole...
08:57 AM ET (US)
ok... here's how i think its all going to turn out

Sheridan and Luis-- "Mark" is going to be sheridans son. she is going to of had twins and allistar gave one to maureen. When luis gets back with Marty. sheridan will have already been raising her son with someone else!

Thressa and Ethan- Ethan is goin to go back to thressa after tha tabloid scandal (Maybe) because thressa is going to sleep with Allistar to get the proof

Whitney and Chad- Chad is going to be HARDLY any relation to whitney b/c liz is Eve's adopted sister and she and julien are goin to be his father... Chad's going to die right after whitney finds out tho

Fox and Kay- they're going to hook up BUT tabitha's going to try and sabatoge their relationship because kay is going to come into her "powers"

Ivy and Sam- those two are over... grace is comming home and she's gonna out ivy

Eve/Liz/TC/Julian-- Liz is going to go to jail for trying to kill julian.. Eve's going to realize her mr. Faithfull slept with her sister and leave him and her and tc will be back together... ( i hate it but its going to happen)
12:58 PM ET (US)
Well I think it's quite possible that Little Ethan is actually Ethan's son. Theresa and Julian were drunk and weren't actually married so they may not actually have slept together either. Knowing hoe Rebecca is, how could Ethan really believe her over anyone. I think Gwen is the crazy one, always blaming Theresa for her mishaps. Talk about playing the blame-game.
12:54 PM ET (US)
Ehtan should leave Gwen and be with Theresa because he knows where his heart really is and they have"two" children together. Not to mention that Gwen is actually the "monster" that started the whole Theresa-Gwen Fued to begin with -ala- the "Tabloid Incident". It is obvious that Gwen is the one obsessed with Ethan because he doesn't actually love her. Ethan needs to own up to his true feelings and stop letting people think Theresa is crazy for feeling the way she does.
09:08 PM ET (US)
I think that Ethan and Teresa will be driven together at first after the big tabloid reveal. They'll reagin custody of Jane fall back in love and be a cute little family, until Ethan realizes what hes doing is wrong and goes bak to Gwen. Note: I dont wantthis to happen but we all know JER won't let any true lovers be too happy on the show. . . at least not for long. Then its pain pain and more pain.
JoAnnA Ellen Foris
09:02 PM ET (US)
I hopefully think that Ethan Winthrop will dump that spoiled rotten Gwen, Gwen & her mom Rebecca, will be found guilty of that tabloid gossip, Ethan will bring the kids, Little Ethan & Jane with him, Theresa will re-connect with Ethan, & Ethan will marry Theresa. As for Antonio, he will resurface, & Sheridan will divorce Antonio, & marry Luis, & Sheridan & Luis will raise their son, Marty together. So I'm a moosh for romance.
05:27 PM ET (US)
I agree that Ethan should divorce Gwen and be with Theresa, Jane and Little Ethan. They have a child together and Ethan has admitted that Theresa is his soulmate. Once the truth about the tabloid is revealed I think that Ethan will leave Gwen and be with Theresa. Although Ethan is always saying that he loves Gwen and wouldn't give her a divorce even if she asked him too, I still think that after learning that she and Rebecca were the ones that sent it to the tabloid he will have no choice but to leave her. I also heard that later in the year it will be proven that Little Ethan is really Theresa's son with Ethan and not Julian. If that is true then they will definitely wind up together if they have two children together.
08:45 PM ET (US)
Ethan needs to ditch Gwen and marry Theresa so he can be with her and Jane and little Ethan. Theresa does love her children and she is their mother not Gwen.
anna piotrowicz
12:54 AM ET (US)
im not sure if ethan is younger that his son
 thressa was 17 or 18 while she give birth to baby ethan
 any thing can happen on passions

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11:17 AM ET (US)
Ethan should be born 1971 and Thresea to and should thier son should be 22years and thier daugther should 20 and off to college.
08:03 AM ET (US)
Ethan should born 1973 like the new Hank so that little ethan should be 22yearsold and jane would 20 years old.andthey off to college and they should age thresea as the same age as ethan.that cool for passions this fall
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