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USS Ticonderoga CG-47 Vets

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John Roseberry
06:04 PM ET (US)
My uncle Kenneth Roseberry was on this Ticonderoga am 72 but when I was 6 my dad took us to Bremerton to see it it was rust then as I remember
My dad cried and I didn't know why
I know now
Diane Ringer
12:02 PM ET (US)
I got this email message buy I can not read it when I click on it. It may be important And I would like to be able to read it. Help thank too On Nov 14, 2014 3:28 PM, "QT - (via CM Backup)" <> wrote:

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04:28 PM ET (US)
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Bill Sauer
09:51 PM ET (US)
That is cool, but are you sure that is where she will be going. I would like something to remember TICO too. It is sad for sure to see TICO sitting there and rusting away to nothing. I think like you do Harold it is like losing a child for sure. Harold let me know how that goes in getting ahold of that place I may write to them also, and see what I can get too. I have many things here I collect over the years and I that something from the ship would be awesome. Harold thnks and lets stay in touch
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Harold Tucker Plankowner
05:01 PM ET (US)
I was Phase II precom crew. Got to Ingalls in early 1982. She had just been moved to the Wet Dock where us and the yardbirds finished building her. You know the commissioning date and I was on there till January 1984. Got flown off to the Indy, just off of Beirut and flew back to the states. To see her sitting in rust at Philly and knowing she is going to be scrapped is like losing your own child. She deserves better. I know she is qualified to be listed as a National Historic Place. But I could never get anyone to help with the paperwork to get her listed and thus saved. She would be turned over to the Park Service for preservation. I'm going to contact the graving yard that gets her and buy the blast hatch to Mount 51.


I WANT MY DANG BRASS BARREL SLEEVES AND BRASS TOMPIONS FIR BOTH GUN MOUNTS BACK. I PAID FOR THEM.... I'll bet some yardbird got them and sold them as scrap.
Bill Sauer
10:22 AM ET (US)
Hi Harold, Many thanks for the info and website. I will look into it today. I see your a plankonwer when dis you sever on Tico. I was there from April 10, 1985 - Novermber 6, 1988. I am looking for shipmates during that time, and catch up on old time. Again thanks Harold
Harold Tucker plankowner
03:28 AM ET (US)
What I'd love to know is who or where MY brass barrel sleeves and tompions ended up. They cost me a lot of money.
Harold Tucker plankowner
03:24 AM ET (US)
SupShip for ships for the Ghost Fleet is who was doing it when I retired in 06. There they have the list of all personnel who are certified Plankowners. This means anyone who was permanent party at the date of commissioning. No TDY's and the best I can remember, we had no units attached when we commissioned.
Harold Tucker plankowner
03:17 AM ET (US)
Esco Marine, Brownsville Texas has been the winning bidder on almost all navy ships scrapped over the last ten gears. Here is their website.
Bill Sauer
12:25 AM ET (US)
Well thanks for everyone who replied back so fast. It is a sad day now, to see Tico not being saved. I have many good memories serving on her. From Libya in 86 to the Perisan Gulf in 87-88. Harold thanks for info, but how can I contact the graving yard in Texas if that is where they might sent Tico for scrapping. Louis thanks also, it is to bad you could not get on the ship. Any way thanks all. If anyone hears anything new let me know.
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