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[F8] Axel and Dante

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Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
12:32 AM ET (US)
"Yeah, guess I should tell you about how I got into soccer." Axel said as he clears his throat.

"Alright, so remember my Uncle Karl, the one that I mentioned the other day?" He began talking, as if he was telling a story. "So, it started way back when I was ten years old. My Uncle Karl gave me my first soccer ball and taught me how to play soccer, insisting that I should maintain a healthy lifestyle. You see, my Uncle Karl owns a gym and he believes that everyone should maintains a healthy lifestyle, regardless of their body type. He used to be on the soccer team when he was in high school. Every time I visit my Uncle Karl, I would play a quick match with him.

I didn't really get into soccer until I was in middle school. One day, I saw that there were soccer tryouts for a position on the middle school's soccer team. I decided to try out for a position. I did my best and well... I managed to score a position on the soccer team. The coach and the other teammates were awestruck by my performance. The coach joked that I was like a god of soccer that descended down to play soccer. Although, I think he was exaggerating, as I don't think there's such thing as a god of soccer... I helped my team get to the national championship where we ended up in second place, due to the other team. That team was so good. Thinking back to that time, it must be what fixated my decision to continue play soccer for the rest of my school years and college years.

Truth to be told, I actually graduated from college with a degree in business. I was planning on being serious about business as both my parents have worked business-related jobs. But, I didn't get a chance to start looking for a job as the coach of Steel Sharks approached me, expressing an interest in having me on their team. It turns out that the coach have attended several of the college soccer games that I participated in and was impressed by my performance. So, without giving it second thoughts, I signed onto the soccer team, and the rest is history. I'm now the soccer captain of Steel Sharks!" Sounds like Axel must be very passionate about his career as a professional soccer player.

"Oh hey, since enough time have passed since we have talked a lot. Do you want to go go-karting now? Last one to the Race room is a rotten egg!" The soccer captain teased before he sprints for the Race room, leaving Dante to catch up.

The gay men went on to have fun, racing each other and even told funny jokes. However... The events of the second Reward Match and the Elimination Match have caused a dramatic change in their friendship. Although, Axel seems to considers Dante a true friend, as they have accepted each other for who they are. What a strange friendship this turned out to be...
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NIKI_48Person was signed in when posted
11:25 PM ET (US)
"Heh, yeah. I'll make sure to look up his comics too!" Dante said smiling.

"Oh? Do tell. I've never been too much into sports personally, but it's mostly because I get irrationally angry when I play, which isn't good for anyone involved..."
Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
07:17 AM ET (US)
"Whoa..." Axel said, both eyebrows raised when Dante mentioned that comic book art styles are some of his favorites. "I guess I made the right choice in picking my partner to get married to. Never really thought that there's different kind of comic book art styles. Though, I wonder what art style Gavin used the most... I guess I'll have to ask him about it when I get back." He seems happy.

"Oh, hey!" The soccer captain said, just remembering something important. "Since you told me how you got into hairstyling, so I suppose it's my turn to tell you how I got into soccer, huh?"
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NIKI_48Person was signed in when posted
04:36 AM ET (US)
"EXACTLY. It's ART!!!" He raised his hands dramatically as he said this. Then he chuckled as well. "Not a lot of people get it."

"Woah, comic books?? Oh man, comic book art styles are some of my favourites. Stylised is 1000% the way to go with art!!! I'd definitely be pleased to meet Gavin one of these days if we make it out of here, hopefully they'll let me out of jail too..."
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Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
06:20 PM ET (US)
"I see... So, hairstyling is how you think of art, huh?" Axel chuckles. "Something tell me that you and Gavin will be good friends. Gavin's a comic book artist, so you might have read some of his works, but I don't know if you did..." He shrugs.

"When we get out of here and things settle down first, I'll be sure to take Gavin to your salon so I can properly introduces you to him." He said as he cross his arms.
NIKI_48Person was signed in when posted
06:08 PM ET (US)
"Yeah.... It's what he deserves. I mean, it was just extremely petty, but I'm sure he'll still have some "stans" supporting him."

Dante sighed. "I hope my team is still managing the salon properly... I heard from them that the place became slightly more popular in the alternative fashion scene after hearing about my arrest."

"How I got into it... hmmm... I guess I've just always been a fan of self expression, so things like clothes, makeup and hair are things I've always been interested in. People don't normally realize that hair is just as important as the others to TRULY make a statement about your TRUE SELF, so that's why I focused on that.

So I decided to save up enough money to go to a renowned esthetician school, that's where I met the friends that are now part of the team that works in the salon. It was tough, but we made it! Uh... until I got arrested, that is."
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Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
01:54 AM ET (US)
Axel nods in agreement at Dante as the hairstylist talks about Preston.

"Yeah, well... Once the world know the full truth about your case, though... Preston might be treated harshly, depending on how severe the crime of framing turns out to be. I suppose that's karma." He shrugs. "And then it might be a while before things go back to normal and you can get back into hairstyling..."

"Speaking of which... How'd you get into hairstyling in the first place? What made you decide to take that path?" Axel asked.
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NIKI_48Person was signed in when posted
12:48 AM ET (US)
Dante smiled, but he looked somewhat sad. "...Thank you. Means a lot, really. Although, to be honest I was ready for everyone to just vote for dropping the prisoner group... Feels weird... like if you didn't vote to drop the rich people, this would've been a whole mess and a half. That Alfred kid really was something, huh?"

"Oh, and about that whole haircut situation with Preston... The guy seriously pisses me off, but I don't think I feel any real animosity towards him, yeah? I'm glad he came clean about me in front of everyone. (Even if it was just because he was about to die...) Like, he's an asshole, but I don't think he's EVIL evil."
Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
11:44 PM ET (US)
Axel raised an eyebrow at Dante's behavior, but decided not to press him on it. "Alright, if you say so, Dante." was all Axel could say on the matter.

"Yeah, it's nice that we got more forms of entertainment." The soccer captain said as he sighed. He seems troubled by something. "But what I don't get is that there isn't any soccer balls to kick around. But still, I can make do with what we have available right now... And yeah, we can go go-kart racing later."

A moment of silence passed before Axel speaks up again.

"Hey, Dante?" Axel said as he ran a hand through his hair. "There's something that I want to confess. It's about what happened in the Eliminate Match... I know a lot have happened during that Eliminate Match.... That tabloid magazine with my interview... Alfred pretending to be Zayne... Vera accidently poisoned us... Preston framing you over a bad haircut..." He recalled the events that happened during the Eliminate Match, before he shakes his head.

"No, what I wanted to confess was.... the vote. My vote." He explains with a serious look. "Way before we even knew the truth about Alfred, I said that I casted my vote, right? At that time, I didn't made myself clear on which group I voted to drop. Truth to be told, I voted to drop the rich people. I didn't care what the others think of the prisoner group, which you were a part of... I wanted to save you. I... I didn't want to lose a friend who accepted me for who I am. And then, we learnt the truth about Alfred. Upon knowing that truth, I knew that I made the right decision, even it means..." He trails off with a grimace look, probably because of what happened to Alfred.

".... Yeah. That's what happened. I think it's probably because of the strong bond that we have established between us. We're good friends..." He shakes his head. "No, it's much more than just good friends. We're kind of like... brothers-in-arms or something like that? I mean... We're gay and we're proud of who we are... We're trying to survive Val's game and overcome the challenges that the world throws at us. If we're not brothers-in-arms, then I don't know what word can be used to describe this bond between us." Axel shrugs.
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NIKI_48Person was signed in when posted
09:57 PM ET (US)
Dante nodded along to what Axel was saying. "Hmmm... Ok, that's pretty solid advice, dunno what I was expecting."

"Someone on my mind...?" He went quiet for a bit, processing the question. "OH- no, no, no, I was just curious, y'know?? Since you brought up wanting to give me advice that time we talked and all... Yep. That's it. I was just curious about what it was!" He laughed nervously before putting away the dishes he had washed, not being suspicious in the slightest.

"A-anyway... How do you feel about the new locations? Maybe we could actually race in those go-karts later, I'm feeling way less dizzy now."
Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
06:41 AM ET (US)
"Huh... Dating advice? Sure, I know a few advice." Axel nods at Dante as he jump onto the counter and sat on it (rebellious!). His legs were dangling over the edge of the counter.

"Anyway..." The soccer captain started counting on one hand. "First advice is the most important one; be yourself from the beginning. If you pretend to be who the other man you think actually like, as it'll make him think he's dating a different person and not the real you. You have to be honest to yourself and also to the man that you're dating. So, if you can be yourself and can engage in hard conversations, then you'll know that you're setting yourself up for a healthy relationship."

"Advice two: Know yourself and know who you're looking for. It's also important when you have to answer some self-reflective questions. Like, for example, what's your strengths and weaknesses. And what's your purpose."

"Advice three: Ask genuine questions that show care and interest. You can think of this way as discovering who the other person is. It's important to know if he's the one for you, so ask questions about themselves."

"Advice four: Listen. By listening, you can figure out if what he wants matches what you're looking for. It also prevents you from making assumptions or jumping to conclusions about the other person. It's also polite."

"Advice five: Bring your best out. You should dress to impress yourself. Feel good about yourself and really show your true personality through what you choose to wear. Basically, your outfit should make you feel good, sexy and confident. First impressions are important, so keep that in mind."

"Advice six: Live in the moment. You shouldn't get caught up in what might happen, where it'll be headed and what the outcome will be. Just accept what is, now."

"Advice seven: Take it slow. You don't want to rush things through as it could get messy. So, take things slow, one step at a time."

"And that's pretty much what I know from my experience with my husband. So, why do you need to know those advices, anyway?" Axel asked, one of his eyebrows arched. "Got someone on your mind, Dante?"
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NIKI_48Person was signed in when posted
05:28 AM ET (US)
"Morning. I don't blame you... that was a horrible experience. Even I, who sleeps effortlessly most of the time, had trouble sleeping despite having those fancy rooms and all... You know, lack of sleep contributes to hair loss." Dante nodded to himself as he washed some dishes.

"Hmm... how about we talk about something more light-hearted... Oh, right. I may not need it, but I'm still kinda curious about what kind of dating advice you were planning on giving me. So, I'm all ears!" He finished drying the dishes and turned to face Axel completely.
Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
04:43 PM ET (US)
Unfortunately for the gay men, they never got the chance to hang out and talk later as their daily lives got in the way. It was the day after the Elimination Match that they were able to get together and talk.

Axel walks into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes. He looks like he didn't get enough sleep, probably because of the Elimination Match from yesterday. He see that Dante is also in the kitchen as well.

"Morning, Dante." The soccer captain said as he stifled a yawn. "Sorry, didn't get enough sleep..."
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03:22 PM ET (US)
[This FTE is now permanent! Cool!]
Hanzo ShimadaPerson was signed in when posted
11:35 PM ET (US)
"Yeah, it's really dumb. But it takes a lot of courage to finally admits who you really are." Axel nods in agreement.

And then Dante mentioned that they'll have to talk later as the hairstylist have some things to take care of.

"Alright, we'll hang out and talk more later." Axel said as he waves Dante off.
NIKI_48Person was signed in when posted
03:53 AM ET (US)
"Hmm, yeah I get it. From what you've told me, you must not get a lot of interactions with the community. It's a great feeling, talking with people who have something in common with you in that sense." Dante nodded. "Heh, I always felt really hyped up about it when I first came out. Speaking of coming out, don't you think it's dumb? Like, the default is being straight and you have to 'reveal' who you really are." He shook his head.

"Anyway... I'm also glad I got to talk to someone that believes me when I say that I'm innocent. I seriously appreciate it! Ah, actually, I remembered I was gonna go see if there's any aloe vera plants in the garden room... I'll talk to you later, yeah?" Dante smiled and waved at Axel as he exited the room.
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