Ninja Pizza: The Nice Slice Ninja Pizza: The Nice Slice QuickTopic <![CDATA[Dreyski | Good work fellas!]]> 2021-06-05T21:06Z <![CDATA[Mazer | Well done team]]> 2021-06-05T19:59Z <![CDATA[Jarrod1983 | Good game guys!]]> 2021-06-05T19:09Z <![CDATA[Kdestiny | Reading is hard, I missed that, sorry. Go ninja]]> 2021-06-05T17:22Z <![CDATA[Dreyski | Leo blocks Kangus Don drives Lotjx/Caito Raph kills Bert...]]> 2021-06-05T16:46Z <![CDATA[Jarrod1983 | I did answer in post 228. I can wait to see if Dreyski pops in.]]> 2021-06-05T15:45Z <![CDATA[Mazer | Sounds good. Fingers crossed boys]]> 2021-06-05T15:25Z <![CDATA[Kdestiny | Kill Bert Block Kangus Bus Drive Lotjx/Caito Wasn't sure...]]> 2021-06-05T15:16Z <![CDATA[Jarrod1983 | Just let me know when to go Ninja go Ninja go.]]> 2021-06-05T13:58Z <![CDATA[Mazer | lotjx=garlic that leaves meat lovers, who we have seen...]]> 2021-06-05T02:18Z <![CDATA[Kdestiny | Yes, that would be a good plan]]> 2021-06-05T01:36Z <![CDATA[Dreyski | off to bed, see you in some hours.]]> 2021-06-05T01:33Z <![CDATA[Dreyski | The only thing we have to be careful of is a last-minute vig...]]> 2021-06-05T01:32Z <![CDATA[Jarrod1983 | I'll keep some mystery at the end but you guys are looking...]]> 2021-06-05T01:31Z <![CDATA[Kdestiny | We should realistically be okay, watcher gone now.]]> 2021-06-05T01:24Z