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Pact notes

JeenLeenPerson was signed in when posted
02:31 PM ET (US)
Day 1
AV targeted AV, getting a bane ability and losing her vote
The Outsider eats Diabolist Heir

Seems like real life busy causes RA to die.

Night 1
Xihirli targets gac3 with Fae Noble message
gac3 seer-scry Captain Cap
MornShine checks who Xihirli targets
Elenna banes Elenna
PartyOfRouges scries gac3

The Outsider targets AvatarVecna with diabolist-scry
The Outsider eats Acolyte of Dionysius

AvatarVecna banes CaoimhimTheCape
AvatarVecna kill Xihirli
Cao role-scries PartyOfRouges

Wow. If QTs were allowed, almost would have Xihirli (well, if she lived), gac3, Captain Cap, and PartyOfRouges towncore by start of D2. With gac3 and the masons trusting each other since they targeted each other.

Kinda a neutral night as info-gathering goes. The Outsider did learn a diabolist, but no way to know if lawyer or rogue diabolist, and they don't want the wolves to lose too soon.

Day 2

The Outsider eats Fae Noble.

Really quiet day to start, but that makes sense since Town can't coordinate via QTs and few people learned a lot last night.
I feel like the wolves could have gotten Apogee1 lynched if he weren't the Innocent. And then the Inquisitor reveals himself, which led to the quiet player getting lynched. Game is set up for massclaims the next day.

Night 2

gac3 scries Elenna.
Elenna banes gac3.
Captain Cap and PartyOfRouges see who targets gac3.

The Outsider eats Goblin Queen.
Cao role-scries The Outsider.
Cao kills Captain Cap.

Not sure about this, but it does now potentially have all the surviving Town trusting one another... And curious how the wolves respond to the Ghoul
Kinda surprised nobody but the serial killer has checked on AV.

Very quiet, but everyone just misses the targeting that could out the wolves.

Day 3

The Outsider eats a Novice Dabbler.

The wolves, and the Ghoul, make some impressive fake-claims to move things forward. And it looks like it'll be successful, until it turns out the Novice Dabblers made an awesome move to secretly reveal the still-hidden novice.

I also found it funny that The Outsider knows AV is diabolist, and the wolves know The Outsider is the ghoul, but neither is pushing that at all. Makes sense, but funny.
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