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Werewolf: A Primer

Louie BluePerson was signed in when posted
05:06 PM ET (US)

Simply put, the objective of the game is for the werewolves to kill Townies until they are the majority, or for the Town to kill off the whole Wolf Pack. (If any Serial Killers are a game, the objectives change slightly) When one of those two things happens, the game is over.

For the sake of example, let’s say you have a group of 12 people in your game (plus the Moderator). Roles will be assigned to each person in secret (explanation of how below). There may be 3 werewolves, 1 detective, 1 doctor, and 8 Vanilla Townies. Great, now everyone has a role. Be sure they are all kept under wraps. Do not tell anyone your identity. The game itself is divided into two phases: day and night. During the night, the Moderator will ask for night actions from such groups as the Werewolves, the doctor, and the detective. But who are each of these roles and what do they do? So glad you asked.


The Moderator
keeps things rolling. The moderator does not officially participate in the game, but acts as a... moderator. During the night, the Mod communicates with each role and asks them a question. For the werewolves, the question is: Who do you want to kill? For the doctor: Who do you want to save? For the detective: Who do you want to know about? During the day, when everyone is awake, the mod provides a space for players to nominate those they’d like to kill, a.k.a. those they think are werewolves. The game repeats in phases from night to day, night to day, with one person murdered in each phase (unless are saved at night by the doctor).

The Werewolves, as per our 12-person example, consist of 3 people who find out each other’s identity in their shared QT While the other players are attempting to figure out who they are, the wolves must lie throughout the entire game and act as though they are Town. The werewolves must strategize together during the day without giving themselves away. At night, when the wolves awaken, they elect the player they’d like to kill. If all wolves agree, the player is night-killed.

The Town (VT or "Vanilla Town")
are attempting to figure out who are the wolves simply by talking it out, accusing, and seeing who is acting suspicious. As a Town, it’s best to use verbal clues and your gut to test suspicions.

The Doctor is a Town role that, at each nighttime phase, can save a player he or she thinks the wolves have killed. As mentioned earlier, if the doctor saves the right player, that player stays in the game. Some games place restrictions on this role, such as not being able to save themselves and/or not saving the same person on subsequent nights..

The Detective is a Town role that, at each nighttime phase, select a person whom the Mod will identify as "Wolf" or "Not Wolf" (some games have variations on this).

The Jailer is a Town role similar to the Doctor, except that a player "jailed" may not perform any night actions such as kills or investigations.

The Serial Killer is a common role in our games. A One Player Faction, the SK gets a night kill every night, and wins the game if they're the last one standing. They're a very hard role to win as, but it happens.


Before Day One:
After enough players have signed up, the Mod will assign roles to each person. Each person will have a shared QT (Quick topic; you're looking at one now) that generally no one else may access. In this QT the Mod will inform the player of their role. If the player has a special role, it is in here that they will communicate with the Moderator. If the player is a Wolf, they will generally be given a link to a shared Wolf QT.

Mostly, these QT links are shared with players by tagging them in older threads on the Avocado and providing a link. Once you let the mod know you've gotten the link, they will delete the comment so no one else can see your QT!

First Day: The game begins. You can just start accusing people out of nowhere. Most games have some element of Role Playing which is done for fun and is most often optional. Day 1 usually doesn't have a lot of logic to it. But each Day has a set time to end ("Twilight"). Before this happens, people may cast a vote in a dedicated thread (started by the Mod) for Day-Killing. Players may generally change their votes as often as they like, but at the Twilight, the person with the most votes is killed. (Mods have differing rules for cases of ties) Alternatively, if a majority of players vote for one person, that person is "Auto-killed" and Twilight is triggered early. Once the Day ends, the Mod provides a writeup and reveals the role of the dead.

First Night: In QTs, the Mod collects information from factions on their Night actions such as kills, protection, and investigation. Once all actions are in and they're good and ready, the Mod begins Day 2.

Second Day: The Moderator informs the players of the results of Night actions, including the roles of those Night Killed (if any). Then play begins as on Day 1, just generally with fewer people and more information. This pattern of Day and Night phases repeats until one faction has met its victory requirements.

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