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Mod QT (New Hotness)

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05:26 PM ET (US)
You've incredible info right here.

Here is my homepage baby safe
hohodorPerson was signed in when posted
05:54 PM ET (US)
I had to use the restore button during Friday the 13th and it was a total life saver!
forget_it_jakePerson was signed in when posted
04:05 PM ET (US)
I had a panic attack putting up Day 6 because I accidentally edited Day 5 instead of cloning it first. Merve told me about the restore button though, so it was all good. Just FYI if you do anything bone-headed you need to fix!
MarloweSpadePerson was signed in when posted
01:44 PM ET (US)
Thanks fellas!
NateTheLesserPerson was signed in when posted
12:47 PM ET (US)
1) "New Draft" is your friend, it's a combined "clone this and start editing the new one".
D. GoatPerson was signed in when posted
12:33 PM ET (US)
1) No problem with this. I like cloning each day into the new day, that way it carries over all the player and role lists from the previous day, but copying and pasting works too. It's your preference. If I want to pre-write flavor I usually just do it in a Google Doc then copy it into the appropriate header (plus I don't trust WordPress).

2) Slack is the easiest way. If they're not on Slack, then reply to one of your own comments in an old thread (not a WW thread, though, because players subscribe to those) with their Disqus tag and QT link.

3) Sure.

4) Unless there's some weird mechanic, all kills can be simultaneous. Whatever causes the most death is good.

Have fun with Captchas while creating QTs!
Edited 07-18-2021 12:34 PM
MarloweSpadePerson was signed in when posted
11:58 AM ET (US)
OK. a few operational questions real quick:

1) I'm thinking of pre-seeding Wordpress with my OT pages for the first few days as Draft posts. that way the fluff stuff will be done ahead of time and all I have to do is add in game-specific things like results of night actions, role updates, etc. Any problems doing this?

2) What's the best way to find old posts for players to notify them of their QT links?

3) I stripped out a few of the more gimmicky things from my first game, because let's get our drivers license before taking the Aston Martin out of a spin. Is this an acceptable OOO? Roleblocker > Jailer > Investigation > Vig Kill > Wolf Kill > SK Kill?

4) There will be assigned Wolf Kills. Are Wolf Kill and SK Kills simultaneous regardless?

MrPlow99Person was signed in when posted
08:33 AM ET (US)
I have been meaning to get new solar lights for the section of landscaping in front of my house that runs along the sidewalk.

I'm still not clicking on that link, though.
hohodorPerson was signed in when posted
03:11 PM ET (US)
01:46 PM ET (US)
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Lovin' –t!
Edited 07-11-2021 01:46 PM
forget_it_jakePerson was signed in when posted
03:35 AM ET (US)
The most recent one in the old mod QT isn't even selling anything and it was edited. I think they've gained sentience, y'all.
SisterJudePerson was signed in when posted
07:05 PM ET (US)
How did they find us? It happened so quickly!
Deleted by topic administrator 07-08-2021 03:37 AM
Ivan Ichianus
03:00 PM ET (US)
Appreciate the help! I like that condition of posting something, a keyword, every day like the Alpha Werewolf role I've seen before

I only want it to run about 7-10 days maximum so maybe after they become fully zombie - like it's not so bad that they'll be publicly known and most likely bumped off
forget_it_jakePerson was signed in when posted
12:52 PM ET (US)
OMG I can't believe I forgot my own (co-modded with hoho) game! Okay, so we have done zombies before (the Pet Sematary game), but I think it's totally fertile territory for a new game.

But yeah, I was thinking something like fresh zombies are harder to find (for Town to kill) but not infectious, but the longer a zombie goes unkilled, the more "zombie-like" they get (this could be some kind of mod requirement re. adding in "braaaaaains" to posts or whatever) but the more likely they'll randomly infect a Townie. Something like that? I don't know how feasible that is, but it'd be fun!

I'm scrambling with a work thing so prob. can't weigh in any time soon with ideas (other than to encourage you to go nuts, Ivan!) -- but hopefully others can brainstorm with you!
hohodorPerson was signed in when posted
11:02 AM ET (US)
Tsk tsk, jake. How quickly you’ve forgotten Mac’s Zombabies from Pet Sematary 😺
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