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[SD] The Retro 60s Diner on the Edge of Town

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Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
11:54 PM ET (US)
"Oh, to hell with this anyway." Scrappy took off his sunglasses and trench coat. "This won't be the last you fools will see of me! I will achieve vengeance sooner than later, so you better look forward to it!" He boldly declared before jumping and running out of the diner. Ominous.
KachuPerson was signed in when posted
07:58 PM ET (US)
Moe drinks heavily in the diner at like 2 am because it’s the only way he can cope with all that has happened. Every once in a while he cries on the phone.
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
02:25 PM ET (US)
Gabby takes off her human skin makeup and actually she's still a clown you idiots
Doctor NanjoPerson was signed in when posted
12:15 PM ET (US)
"Hey my dudes what is the haps?"

It's Gabby she is off the clock and now she's just a weird person wearing overalls.
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
09:47 AM ET (US)
Scrappy's expression remained unwavering. "Ah, you referring to the incident at that nearby amusement park? I've heard bits and pieces of what's happened, but... a talking dog sabotaging the entire place? Quite peculiar, if you ask me. Though I must correct you, for I believe his name was "Scrappy", not "Crappy"."

Truly a master of disguise and keeping silence there, dude.
UkuleleLadyPerson was signed in when posted
03:07 PM ET (US)
"Hey," said Lori, who was trying not to snicker. She turned to the others. "Boy, they really showed that dumb little dog who's boss, huh? What was his name again? Crappy?"
Southern CornPerson was signed in when posted
02:46 PM ET (US)
Velma's exclamation could not have been more poorly timed. Just as she said that, the door to the diner kicked upon as a familiar face entered the scene. It was... very obviously Scrappy Doo in a trenchcoat and sunglasses. He went over to where the others were sitting and casually sat next to them. "Good evening", he said very inconspicuously, though it was clear the facade was bound to not last. How did he even end up here? When was the pain ever going to end? Nobody knew.
Salem-CRPerson was signed in when posted
03:46 PM ET (US)
"I don't believe it, it was Scrappy all along!" Velma shouted from her seat at the diner. Somehow she had gotten a new pair of glasses. "Even though he was the one who scared me off, maybe it's for the best since I didn't have to deal with him."
UkuleleLadyPerson was signed in when posted
11:11 PM ET (US)
Lori was reluctant to go into the diner with her hair in its current condition, but she finally gave in to her hunger and took a seat with the others. She awkwardly climbed over them to get to a corner seat and kept the back of her head to the wall.

"Huh. So Tucker did it. I thought so."

Just as she took a swig of the lemonade she had ordered...

"You wanna GO, pal? Bring it!"

Lori choked on her drink for a moment. "A-already?" she coughed. "Geez, that was quick."
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PlanetboxPerson was signed in when posted
03:56 PM ET (US)

Near the edge of the forest, a small diner sits just next to the interstate. Several cars weave out of the forest and swerve into the parking lot.

By some contrivance, Velma, Elisa, Lori, and Buffy have all arrived at this same diner, looking for a meal. It's gotten pretty dark out, but the diner's bright neon signs put the four at ease.


Inside, the diner is filled with bright lights, good food, and loads of people. A jukebox in the corner of the room is playing some old hits. A small TV above the bar is playing live news footage of Skully's Scream Park. The story is making local headlines of course. Looks like they can keep up with their friends this way.

Under the lights, the group quickly notices they've all gathered up again. They begin to talk to each other and look around for places to sit...
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