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Mariposa Kids: Stay Connected

Amanda DeeringPerson was signed in when posted
04:50 PM ET (US)
Earth Day Intention: Not buying new clothes this year. The fashion industry is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions even though there are many alternatives that can lower this.

Deleted by author 04-21-2020 04:26 PM
Katie, Eliza's mom
02:49 PM ET (US)
Jen and all - we decided to download 'Just Dance Now' from the App Store last night, and for the first time since this shelter at home thing began, we were all out of breath and with smiles on our faces. It's way less weird and awkward than just a free dance party since you are doing the moves they show on the screen. We did it for 1.5 hrs and then had to cut the kids off when it was 10pm. Rosa has proposed at our house that we do an hour a day. They have a lot of songs. Not sure if everyone would like it as much as we did, but it's worth a try!
Theo LT's mom (Jen)
11:02 AM ET (US)
We're trying to stick with the school day schedule so that we have a routine. It mostly worked this week, except when my conference calls didn't align with the school schedule. I'm looking for ideas for short move-your-body type activities for "recess." We did a 7 minute workout one day, that went well, but then Theo was resistant to doing it again. I tried a dance party, but he was too cool for that. :( It feels like this shelter in place thing is definitely harder with only one kid, so I'm super grateful to Mariposa for providing a space for the kids to get together at the end of the day.
Amanda, Gloria’s mom
12:21 AM ET (US)
I finally realized our two kids need really different things. Gloria, who is 11 needs more structure and guidance so I break her School time into half hour increments. Her 15-year-old brother needs a lot of freedom. We’ve also been having daily family meetings (round robin style, no interruptions, until everyone is done) that can be painful but also help organize the day and clear the air. Can’t thank mariposa enough!! You guys have been so supportive and amazing.
Amanda DeeringPerson was signed in when posted
08:41 PM ET (US)
Hey All,
  Welcome to the Mariposa Message Board. I have been receiving some fantastic emails from parents with ideas, thoughts and questions for getting through this tough time. This will be a great place to support each other!

I'll start us off with a question: What tools are using to attempt to normalize things for your family? What activities are you most excited to share with the community?

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