Mini-Mafia Interesting Facts God QT Mini-Mafia Interesting Facts God QT QuickTopic <![CDATA[Darg | I completely disagree with the comments about JBH. He DOES...]]> 2021-07-10T12:51Z <![CDATA[Hamilton B... | Absolutely flabbergasted to have gotten NK’d. I...]]> 2021-07-10T00:55Z <![CDATA[Hamilton B... | Hey all! F%%%. Sorry Bob and Snowy!]]> 2021-07-09T22:55Z <![CDATA[worcej | Closing the game out lol]]> 2021-07-09T21:25Z <![CDATA[snowy801 | Also agree on set up: brutally punishing to a moderately...]]> 2021-07-09T21:21Z <![CDATA[worcej | Okay, now I see Chaqa's point.]]> 2021-07-09T21:17Z <![CDATA[snowy801 | /m70 the thing is, to get better you have to want to get...]]> 2021-07-09T21:15Z <![CDATA[snowy801 | It's like some friends of mine who claimed Among Us is a...]]> 2021-07-09T21:14Z <![CDATA[worcej | /m69 Going to say that they could get better... bozo is...]]> 2021-07-09T21:13Z <![CDATA[snowy801 | I don't think JBH is cut out for mafia, honestly. No...]]> 2021-07-09T21:12Z <![CDATA[snowy801 | Hard disagree. I would give up too]]> 2021-07-09T21:09Z <![CDATA[worcej | Chaqa giving up right here is rather premature honestly.]]> 2021-07-09T21:09Z <![CDATA[snowy801 | Scenes when the scum team refuses to believe ghug and...]]> 2021-07-09T21:06Z <![CDATA[worcej | ghug was on it right away and willing to comply.]]> 2021-07-09T21:06Z <![CDATA[worcej | /m61 No comment in flavor was made, it was only sent...]]> 2021-07-09T21:04Z