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Passion Project Progress

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Tommy Berg
10:21 AM ET (US)
1. I feel good about the research articles I found. I feel that they give me a good understanding of how early exposure to STEM increases the probability that the student will end up going into that career field.
2. I am about 75% finished with my project. I have to finish editing the video, and I have to show it to some fifth graders. I expect to finish by the start of next week.
3. I plan on using I-movie to present the final form of my project. I want to do this because my project is already in video form.
4. I need to finish my video before next class. I won't be able to finish by the 30th, but I will be able to be done next week.
5. I don't really need help with much. The only thing I am struggling with is getting the background noise of the shop in the videos lower so you can hear the people talking better, but I am going to go see Ms. Johnson to help me with that.
Kärin RennerPerson was signed in when posted
04:38 PM ET (US)
I need to know where you are at with your project. Answer these questions:

1. How do you feel about the research articles you found? (2 sentences)

2. Where are you at with the actual PROJECT part of the process? Are you finished?
(2 sentences for Yes or No response)

If YES, WHEN did you finish the project piece?

If NO, WHEN exactly will you be completing that part so that you can write the research portion? Please provide the DAY and time you plan to complete the project piece!

3. What is your plan for the delivery format of your final project? I-movie? Keynote? Google Slides? For ANY of these, you will include photos or video clips. Talk and share with each other ideas about what's working and not working. (2 sentences)

4. 2 Parts: (2 sentences)
A. What MUST you do before our next class, which will realistically be Monday because of track and prom prep tomorrow.
B. When we started, we used April 30 as completion date. Will you/Can you have your paper written and presentation ready to share by next Friday, April 30?

Reminder: There are still 8 or 10 copies of the SELF-EDIT activity lying on the speaker table. I made exactly what we needed. That means MANY of you have not self-edited yet. Pick up that copy if you haven't!

5. What can I help you with right now? I'll spend the weekend reading/editing what has been turned in. You MUST give me enough time to read your paper BEFORE we do presentations, hopefully starting at the end of next week. (2 sentences)
Zach Handberg
04:20 PM ET (US)
1. I feel somewhat comfortable with my sources. I was able to find some bowling articles as well as some articles about teaching people and learning from it. So I will have two different paths that I can use on my paper.
2. I am doing my actual project tonight at 6. I am taking some friends to the bowling alley to teach them how to bowl properly.
3. I was planning on doing a keynote or google slides with pictures and videos explaining what my project is and why I did it. I think that a keynote is the easiest to use, although an iMovie would work.
4. A. I need to revise my first two parts and get the rough draft of my research written.
    B. I should hopefully be ready with my paper and presentation by April 30. Worst case scenario, I need the weekend to finish and will be done May 3rd.
5. I don't think there is anything that you can help with, I just need to do my project tonight, and write the rest of my paper in the next couple days. I should hopefully be done with my paper by tomorrow, but worst case scenario for the paper would be Monday.
Braden Herr
04:10 PM ET (US)
1. I think my research articles are perfect for my project and what I plan to do. Two of the sources I chose are from a book on ho two do my project and how to be the best I can at doing it.
2. I haven't done my project part yet but I plan to do it Saturday, April 24, from 4-5 pm. I think that this will be the best time for me to do it, especially if it is nice outside.
3. I plan on making a google slides presentation that covers my whole project. I can use pictures and explanations to the best of my ability to portray my project to others.
4. Before next class, I need to finish my project and finish my essay on the project. I do think that I will have everything done, including my project, essay, and presentation by April 30 using some time outside of class.
5. I don't need any help as of now. I have everything ready, I just need to finish everything.
04:10 PM ET (US)
1. I feel like my articles are good for the research I need. It was easy to put that information in to my essay.
2. Yes, I finished my project on Monday. It took quite some time, but I got it done and sent.
3. I am planning to make an I-Movie over my project. I want to take a video explaining what I did, and me holding a foster dog in a blanket.
4. I must finish writing my essay and self-edit it to make sure everything looks good. If I have some time to work on it, I could probably finish it by next Friday.
5. One thing that would help me right now would be looking over my essay, making sure I did my in-text citations right. I think if we have class time to work on it, people will get more done.
Dillan Patterson
04:10 PM ET (US)
1. I feel like my articles gave me accurate information. They were all different in length.
2. I am currently finished with everything. I am just making edits to my paper. I finished the project piece last week.
3. shared my project on I-movie. Once I had it on I movie I made a google drive folder and put everything in there. Once I had everything in there I added Mrs Renner to it for easy access.
4. I will need to look over my paper and edit it
4b. Yes
5. Maybe look through my paper and just make sure my format is okay.
Maddie Leasure
04:09 PM ET (US)
1. I feel that my articles are very detailed and support my project really well. I think that there is a lot of repeated information but I can pick through that and find new and interesting things.
2. My Equi-Tape was delivered today. I plan to take a couple (2-3) days and spend time learning how to do the specific tapes that I want. After I figure this out I plan to apply it to my horse within the next two days which is where my project starts. This shouldn't take me long to finish as I will snap a couple of pictures and videos of the before and after as well as some applying the tape. I estimate that I will finish my project on the 28th of April so that I can start writing my research portion which will take me one day.
3. I plan to make a Google Slides to present my project. I am the most familiar with this platform and feel comfortable adding photos and videos to this. I also feel as if I can connect with others more through this kind of presentation and bring my project to life.
4. A: Before our next class I need to look over my taping guide and tape Romeo so that I can take pictures and share my research.
B: I believe that I can be ready to present but I might be cutting it close. I think that I can still do a quality project but it might be rushed.
5. At this point my project just needs to be taken care of as well as completing the presentation. Something that I could use is support throughout the presentation side of things as I am unsure of what information to include and the length of it as well. I am wondering about the length, Information I need to include, and structure of the presentation.
Blake Stark
04:08 PM ET (US)
1. I feel good about the research articles. One of them I don't know if I will use so might have to go find a replacement for it.
2. I have completed my project part. I plan on continuing to do hikes though.
3. I will most likely will do Keynote to present. I only have pictures from the hike and no videos though.
4. (A) I need to finish my essay and make revisions. (B) I do think I could be able to finish the essay part, but the presentation might not be done by that date, but I could definitely try.
5. As of now I do not need any help since you have already given us so many resources to help us.
Mubarak IbrahimPerson was signed in when posted
04:04 PM ET (US)
1. I feel like my sources are pretty good, some more than others. They're really relevant to my topic.
2. I'm planning to do it this weekend at around 8:25 which is usually when we can eat.
3. I'm planning to do a google slideshow. I'm also planning to take pictures of the process.
4. A: I have to finish the actual project before Monday. I also have to begin my presentation.
4. B: I believe I can finish before the due date if I'm able to do my project this weekend.
5. You can read through my first two parts of the essay when I'm finished. It would also be great if you could elaborate more on how the presentations are going to work.
Connor Eisenbeisz
04:04 PM ET (US)
1. It was hard for me to find articles that were relevant to my topic and made sense for me to cite as sources. With that being said I feel that the research articles I have are very good and will help inform me on how to teach kids the proper ways of golf and how to be a good mentor to them.

2. I am not finished with the project part yet. I am planning to do the actual project with the kids this weekend and then also finish my essay this weekend.

3. I plan to do a google slides presentation to present my project. I will include both photos and video clips in this presentation.

4. a. Before our next class I need to do the actual project part of my passion project and also have the essay done or close to done.
b. I think that if I work on it a little this weekend and use the time we have in class I should be able to get it done by April 30th.

5. I could get help on what statistics I could use in my presentation. Also how long I should spend helping the kids.
Peyton Meadors
04:03 PM ET (US)
1. I feel really good about the articles I found in my research. I just am piecing them together for the best fit possible right now.
2. Yes, I am finished with the actual project part of the process. I finished my project on April 4th.
3. I currently plan on delivering my final project as a Keynote or Google Slides. Whichever format ends up being the best is most likely what I will choose.
4A. Before class on Monday I need to finish my passion project paper, self-edit it, have a peer look at it, and submit it to Mrs. Renner. I also need to start working on the project portion, so that means putting my things into a Keynote/Google Slides. Hopefully, after prom, I can sit down and get everything done on Sunday without any distractions.
4B. I should be able to get everything done by Friday, April 30th. If not, I would only need the weekend after that to finish.
5. I just need you to edit/review my paper over the weekend or by Monday for sure. Really I just need someone to review my paper, the rest is on me!
Josslin Jarding
04:03 PM ET (US)
1. The research articles I found were really good sources for my project. They helped me determine what exercises I was going to do with the elderly patients. The research articles also helped me determine social activities for the patients and informed me of how much social interaction plays in the brain.
2. Yes, I am finished with the project part. I did this last Sunday. I am almost complete with my paper and I will then be starting the presentation.
3. I plan to use Google Slides for my delivery format of my final project. I chose Google Slides because this way I can access the presentation on any device as long as I am logged in.
4. A. Before next class, I plan to have my research portion done. I also plan to have started my presentation part on Google Slides.
    B. As of now, April 30th could be a realistic date for me to be completed. In order for this to happen I would need to spend a lot of time working on this project at home next week, however, I could be done if needed.
5. As of now, the only thing I have a question on is the presentation (Google Slides). I am not really sure how to set it up or if I need to have a certain amount of information for this.
Eleanor Dick
04:03 PM ET (US)
1. I feel like the research articles I have found are valuable to my paper. My sources provide plenty of evidence I will use in my paper.
2. In the actual project, I am done. I completed the project sometime last week.
3. To deliver my final project, I plan on using Google Slides. A slideshow will help me show visuals and logistics.
4. A) By Monday, I intend to have the paper completed. I will finish writing the steps and conclusion.
     B) In theory, I could have my presentation finished by April 30th; however, I would like another day or two to perfect my presentation to ensure it is of its best quality.
5. I don't think there is anything you can help me with. Actually, the more work time, the better. If we spend most of next week as workdays, I think it would benefit most of us more.
Grace Harden
04:02 PM ET (US)
I feel very good about the research articles that I found on my passion project. They were very helpful to me while I was writing my essay, and they gave me some very useful quotes and information to use. I have finished the actual project part of my process. I went to Larry Masterson's shed one night and completed it with the participants that I had. I finished the project piece last week Wednesday 4/14. For the delivery format of my final project, I am planning on making either a google slides or keynote presentation. I will include pictures in my presentation and I will explain everything that I did. Before I our next class, I just need to finish up my essay and my works cited page. I think I might be able to be ready to present by April 30th if we continue to have class time to work on our projects. One thing you can help me with right now is just proof reading and editing my essay. I only have a little bit of it left to write. Other than that I think I have everything else taken care of.
Maia Kennedy
04:01 PM ET (US)
1. I feel pretty good about my research articles, and I feel like they have really good evidence that explains why being organized is so beneficial. Although, I feel like it's hard to tie the articles into how I did my project.
2. Yes, I am finished with my project piece. I finished my project piece on April 5.
3. For my delivery I plan to use google slides. Within the google slides I will include before and after pictures and videos of the places I organized. I will also give the backround information and summarize some of the things in my essay.
4. Before next class I need to work on the Appendix part of my passion paper. I think I can get my paper and presentation done by April 30th, but I might have to work outside of class.
5. I think you are doing a good job helping us right now. Personally, I don't think I need much help at the moment.
Hannah Davis
04:01 PM ET (US)
I feel pretty good about the research articles I found on my topic. My sources are pretty much about lesson planning for the kids and activities as well. I'm not all the way finished with my project, I'm doing weekly lesson plans throughout April so it's not all time crunched but my boss didn't notify parents soon enough so I'll have to continue the project through the first week in May. I don't think it'll affect my essay too much since I've already tested each lesson and activity out with my little brother who's in first grade. I should be finished with the project by May 3rd. I plan on presenting my project through Google slides. I find it easier to talk about the information in front of everyone and I have plenty of pictures to show as well. What I'll do before the next time we meet in order to prep for the project will get all of my supplies in order to be able to get started on finishing the project right away. I can have the presentation done but I'll miss one paragraph in the essay about my fourth week until I finish it on May 3rd. As of right now you can help me grammatically on my essay. I struggle with making it sound right and placing punctuations where they need to be in the sentence.
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