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Prayers and Concerns in Coronavirus

Fr Tim
12:27 PM ET (US)
Well that didn’t work. Darn. Put palms on my house as Palm Sunday decorations. Oh well.
Fr Tim
12:26 PM ET (US)

Not sure these will come out but pics of my Palm Sunday decorating
Immaculate ConceptionPerson was signed in when posted
09:01 PM ET (US)
Prayers for your daughter, Michele.
06:10 PM ET (US)
Please pray for my daughter as she goes for testing for Covid-19 on Wed morning. She was negative for strep & flu.
John Lopez
12:05 PM ET (US)
I pray that God will rescue us from this terrible virus Covid-19.
Thanks to Father Tim and Deacon Barry for bringing mass to us this morning. God give you Peace

John jlo//
Immaculate ConceptionPerson was signed in when posted
12:46 PM ET (US)
Vickie Green, it does seem unreasonable that you can buy liquor but can't have the Eucharist. I accept that this is an impossible situation for civil leaders who are trying to balance many issues. Prayers for them.
Colette Yetka
11:34 AM ET (US)
There is a request going on for everyone to pray the Our Father as a plea to God to end this coronavirus. I plan to keep this prayer in my mind and heart and on my lips continually. Please ask others to join in saying the Our Father as often as possible. Prayer works wonders.
Edited 03-27-2020 11:36 AM
ms P
09:49 AM ET (US)
HI folks,So many saints!That's a good thing. God shares Mary, Joseph, Benedict, Francis, Paul, Peter, James, John...
Marianne DiLiberto
11:01 PM ET (US)
We have a cousin, a young man named Devin, who is undergoing great pain and serious medical issues unrelated to this virus but life threatening nonetheless. He is hospitalized in California and needs urgent surgery but there are complications delaying it. If you could please keep him in your prayers we would be so grateful. He is a special needs individual and has been since birth. His life has never been easy but like most with special needs he has a fantastic attitude and love for life and he means a lot to a lot of people. God bless you and thank you.

Thanks Fr. Tim for your and Fr. Khiem’s love and service to the parish. Hopefully we’ll all be back together again in the Church very soon.
Rebecca MoralesPerson was signed in when posted
06:04 PM ET (US)
Thank you Fr Tim joining everyday at 9pm reciting rosary & lighting a candle for light & hope to the end of this coronavirus. My friend who is baptist told me this morning that the devil is winning this war I totally think not. My faith is in God he has the whole world in his hand it will be his will that cures & puts a stop to this corona virus it’s funny how this happen to hit during lent is there a message to all that surrounds this unknown
Vickie Green
03:21 PM ET (US)
Thank you Fr. Tim! My prayers are with you and all clergy, especially in this interesting/challenging time we find ourselves in. I also pray for the health and well being of all ICC parishioners. 💕🙏🏻
A friend posed an interesting question to me yesterday and I wonder your take on it... She said: why is it ok for us to run up to the drive-thru of a restaurant for a hamburger, but not ok to drive to our church to receive the Eucharist? I am personally trying to take the limitations in obedience and out of respect for those making the hard decisions but it does make you kind of go “hmmm” when liquor stores are on the “essential” services list but not churches. I’m also thankful I don’t have the responsibility to make the hard decisions and offer my prayers for those who do. Blessings and peace to all!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Immaculate ConceptionPerson was signed in when posted
02:51 PM ET (US)
I remembered using this site before for discussion but i thought we could use it now for concerns and prayers during this coronavirus. Do you want to post any special prayers during this time for others to join? Do you have some tips for others? Do you have questions that maybe we can together answer? It's an open forum and can be used (prudently and carefully) for the good of others. I will monitor it and delete anything inappropriate.

I want to ask everyone to join me in saying the rosary every day for the end of the coronavirus and for those who are suffering from it, and for the many health-care workers on the front line. That kind of goes with out saying...

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