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[F8] Florsythia and Zarmilla

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07:14 AM ET (US)
"Fair enough... I guess we'll stick with Zarmilla for the time being. You can start using your new name once you get out."

Florsy pauses for a bit. It was very quiet outside, nothing but the sound of wind and Toadette chomping and on bugs.

"You know... after all the chaos we went through... this is quite nice. Just the three of us, out here, in the fresh air and quiet... it's like the calm before the storm... oh no."

Florsy takes out her 'titty weed'.

"This stuff... it caused such harm, nearly poisoning everyone. Then it was used to save someone. But we really don't need it to have fun I suppose... though, it's good to have for emergency cases I think."
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12:31 AM ET (US)
“You know, I think that sounds a whole lot better!” she said, smiling with delight. “Though I’m not sure if this is really the time to be changing names on everyone. Seems like there’s a lot going on, and people are a bit fed up with my shenanigans.”
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09:13 AM ET (US)
"Theresa... or Esther... isn't that better already?" Florsy smiles. "It may not be the best name, but at least it's entirely yours... isn't that right, Esther?"
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09:37 PM ET (US)
“Theresa ain’t too bad,” Zarmilla replied, “I guess another option though is looking at what letters go with them numbers on a phone keypad.”

She raised a finger and started pressing invisible buttons in the air.

“Let’s see. You can get Este...n? Estem? I guess that’s pretty close to Esther, which is a bit less awful. I actually kinda like that one.”
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07:51 AM ET (US)
"37836... something something," Florsy sighs. "Maybe we could make a name out of that... somehow? Three... seven... eight... Thresa Eithresix? Oh no... maybe we'll stick to Zilla or Zarmilla then..."
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12:22 AM ET (US)
“Ugh, I barely even remember that stupid thing,” Zarmilla said, “And it was kinda dehumanizing, you know? But fine, if this is really such a big deal to you...”

She closes one eye and tilts her head to the side.

“I think it was, uh...37836-056? Maybe?”
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06:04 PM ET (US)
"Maybe we could make something from that?" Florsy suggests. "It's something at least unique to you."
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02:34 PM ET (US)
“Well gosh, I was just trying to make it more of my own,” Zarmilla replied, kicking sullenly at the dirt. “I’ve been living a lie for ages. Closest thing I really got left is my prison ID number, and I ain’t looking to introduce myself as a random string of digits.”
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12:01 AM ET (US)
"Zilla... Err, do they all have to be based off of Carmilla's name?" asks Florsy, twirling a lock of her hair. "Your name is your own, not Carmilla's. Don't you have one that makes you uniquely you? Or even a nickname that gives you a sense of self?"
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11:28 PM ET (US)
Zarmilla chuckled a little at Florsy’s mention of the cartoon characters.

“Hmm, I never really thought about that,” she said, fiddling with her hair. “Guess it might help to do something actually useful with my talents, especially if the whole race car driving thing ain’t gonna pan out. Might actually be worth it if I can avoid getting stuck in the slammer again.”

“And yeah, it ain’t a very good name, is it?” She added sheepishly. “I’ve been trying to come up with something better, but the time never seemed quite right, y’know? I’m getting real sick of this moniker though, but I’m not too keen on going back to Sarah either.”

“Hmm...Zara? Zarla? Zilla? I dunno...” she mumbled to herself.
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05:55 AM ET (US)
"Aww, thanks darlin'," Florsy smiles.

Florsy awkwardly looks up to her hair.

"Well... I've been meaning to dye it. Odd little gray hairs here and there..."

She shuffles around a bit.

"S-say, you're really good with make-up and dressing up right? Why don't you become a makeup artist or a model? My nephew goes to those conventions where everyone dresses up, and they pay top dollars just to see those girls dressed like those cartoon characters... or maybe not that specifically, but I'm sure there's plenty of options with your skillset Zarmilla... do I really have to call you Zarmilla?"
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12:15 AM ET (US)
“I dunno, Florsy. You seem fine the way you are,” Zarmilla said, shrugging. “But it’s more about being incredibly stubborn than anything. If you just claim you’re someone you ain’t and refuse to back down, you might not get where you want to go but you’re get somewhere.”

“I guess you need some makeup artistry to make it work though,” Zarmilla added, pulling at her cheeks. “And I ain’t sure how easy it is to dye green hair, so you might have a pretty limited pool to work with.”
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12:55 AM ET (US)
"Right... of course," Florsy mutters. "We all have criminal records now, it's gonna make life a doozy."

She stands in silence for a few moments, the sound of Toadette crunching on insects being the only thing heard.

"Hey, maybe taking on a different identity is a good idea. Can I do it as well? How does it work?"
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12:42 AM ET (US)
“The ‘real me?” Zarmilla mumbled, crossing her fingers thoughtfully. “Well before my life got thrown totally off the rails, there was nothing I enjoyed more than just climbing into my car and tearing outta my town as fast as I could. I always tried to make it a little farther each time before I turned back.

“I know it was just a simple means of escape, but I guess that’s what got me into racing. Still, you saw how that went in the newspaper about Vera...Seems like the world’s never quite willing to let me be myself.”
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10:54 PM ET (US)
"That... actually makes sense." Florsy nods. She lets Toadette down, who feasts on the insects underneath.

"Maybe... you could embrace yourself? Find something nice about who you are. I think you're a nice girl, I want to know the real you better!"
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03:50 PM ET (US)
"Well now, ain't that a weird question to spring on someone," Zarmilla replies, lifting a hefty rock to see if any insects emerged from beneath it. "I guess I'm just a gal who got sick of the awful life she was leading and wanted to try something better on for size. You saw how that worked out though."

She hurled the rock into the distance, making a huge racket.

"At this point I'm more concerned with what I'm going to be than what I am. And I'd rather that not be just some hapless prisoner, if possible."
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